Jun 11 2007

This Is Enforcring The Laws?

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Bill O’Reilly once claimed sending the National Guard to our border would help stem the tide of illegals. Others have claimed strengthening the border is all we need to do to fix our problems. I guess this story pretty much destroys those naive fantasies:

Three National Guardsmen assigned to help authorities stop illegal immigration along the Texas-Mexico border were arraigned Monday on charges that they ran an immigrant smuggling ring, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Corruption exists everywhere. The government is no more corrupt – at a criminal level – than any other areas. Welcome to the species Homo Sapien Sapien. Imperfect beings who can sin and be saints. Sadly I must continue to present the seamly side of what the Immigration Bill Opponents left us when they entombed the status quo. Recall that deportation because of violent criminal acts was one aspect of this bill that was killed. The current laws are under seige and are either now impotent (as was the FISA statutes were to modern warfare before Bush beefed those up) or unenforceable.

The problem of unenforced laws is not due to immigration – it is due to a screwed up Judiciary. You can find article after article of judges letting repeat violent offenders free to prey on the public – most of them US citizens. Take this for example where both immigrants and citizens literally get by with attempted murder. Yes, we have to enforce laws, but laws can be circumvented by corrupt people and misguided judges. That is why we need reform. And we need a better system to check and track immigrants. But none of this is getting through to the immigration hypochondriacs. I wish we saw more of these stories, but it is the exception – not the rule.

Up until people called the far right on this, they claimed this is not really happening, we can get the repeat defenders. But it is happening and they pointed it out to everyone:

Criminal aliens set free on the streets of America — instead of being deported after serving their time — are being rearrested as many as six more times by U.S. authorities, according to a government audit released yesterday. But the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General said it did not know how many of 262,105 illegals in the audit, who had been charged with a crime and then released, had been rearrested.

The naysayers claim THIS is preferrable to closing loopholes, adding resources and expiditing deportations. Yeah, this is MUCH better than fixing the problems.

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  1. retire05 says:

    While drug runners, child molesters, and other criminals will get a pass with the “new” amnesty bill, another victim of Johnny Sutton goes to jail. It seems like Sutton is bound and determined to prosecute HISPANIC Border Patrol agents.


  2. stevevvs says:

    The naysayers claim THIS is preferrable to closing loopholes, adding resources and expiditing deportations. Yeah, this is MUCH better than fixing the problems.

    No, the “Naysayers” say FIX THIS STUFF FIRST, then we can talk Amnesty. You contend that we MUST do all of it at once.

  3. AJStrata says:

    Poor Far Right,

    Can’t do two things at once! Steve, this incident has nothing to do with building a fence! Duh!

    Your limitations are not our limitations. That is why some succeed more than others. Watch this bill come back and pass, and then remember to be so damn proud of our American system that produced the result!