Jun 11 2007

No Confidence In Washington DC, Or In The Two Parties

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Americans are getting fed up with the pointless bickering in DC. They are leaving both parties in droves and they are getting ready for a house (and Senate) cleaning in 2008. Why? Because of things like this:

Some Republican senators are bristling over the Democrat’s tactics over the expected no-confidence vote Monday on U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. But others have said publicly or privately that Gonzales should go. With a majority in Congress, the Democrats are able to force Republicans to go on record with a vote on Gonzales’s job performance, although it isn’t expected to affect Bush’s opinion.

Democrats will get nothing from this except Bush’s umpteenth statement supporting Gonzales. They will get a fractured GOP coalition – but that is in tatters anyway. What they will not get is kudos for this sillinness. They will only get some respect if they can actually do something meaningful. So far the answer is a big “No!”. Gonzales stays, and Dems lose more support in public opinion polls.

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