Jun 05 2007

Libby’s Big Day

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Today is sentencing day for Scooter Libby. Judge Walton has recently been appointed to the FISA Court, where he is getting a dose of what Libby and Cheney faced every day when dealing with terrorism against this country. I hope this puts perspective back into an investigation that is pure prosecutorial misconduct looking for a crime. But who knows.

My prediction is no jail time. If there is jail time, it will be suspended until appeals are processed. Libby is a lawyer and a selfless patriot who worked to protect this nation from harm. Those things count. And it can easily be said Joe Wilson’s lies about the Niger Forgeries (the basis of all his stories back then) and his lies about the intelligence he brought back, his exposure of people and processes (including his wife) are the acts of someone out to harm the government. Will Walton see this? Let’s just say I have to have faith our legal system is not totally broken. Fitzgerald will NOT be allowed to punish Libby for a crime he was not convicted of – unless Walton wants to give Libby a whole new trial since this one will be tossed out quickly if that happens. And Fitzgerald – he will be facing some challenges once this is ended. His day of reckoning is still coming.

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  1. Dc says:

    Oh…well..hell..if deporting someone is just an “administration process”…then what the hell is stopping them now from deporting? Oh…I now….ENFORCEMENT.

  2. Dc says:

    Oh..well hell yea….if you want to make it purely an administrative decision to deport someone..instead of processing them through courts for breaking our laws…I’m ALL FOR IT. Lets just let the managers of Home Depot deport them.

  3. Dc says:

    And btw…talking about things getting backed up…just WAIT till you see 8 million or so “administrative” status cases. Whos’ going to handle those?? We we do not even have enough people to process the amnesty of these illegals.

    And ..we are…declaring amnesty (just as you said) to everyone who can possibley make it here across our borders and signing into law.

    Given we cannot control our border…what do you think that’s going to mean?

    Maybe…we can have reciprocal agreements with other countries to allow our citizens to illegally flood across their border to take over their towns and “do all the jobs they don’t want to do”?