Jun 04 2007

Iran Takes US Hostages – Again – Over Supposed Confessions

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Iran must be buying into the silliness from the left and right these days that Bush is the GOP’s version of Jimmah Carter. After taking UK hostages earlier this year and claiming them to be spies (when in fact they were in uniform partolling Iraqi waters) it seems Ahmedinejad wants to test the mettle of the US and George Bush, by holding US citizens on charges of spying:

Iran said that several US-Iranians detained on accusations linked to spying “have confessed” as it warned the United States not to interfere in their cases.

“Regarding the espionage of some Iranians, we have had good results. They have confessed to many issues,” the Tehran-based Ham Mihan newspaper quoted the Tehran deputy prosecutor for security affairs, Hassan Haddad, as saying.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman on Sunday also told the United States to stop interfering in the cases after

US President George W. Bush called for their immediate release.

“The American comments are a very evident example of interfering in our domestic affairs and they should stop these actions,” Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters.

“They are Iranian nationals and the relevant authorities, based on Iranian laws, are studying their charges,” said Hosseini.

Actually, the four people in question hold dual citizenships, so they are US citizens. The real problem is this whole mess MAY be linked to the treasonous acts of ABC News when they blew the cover on US covert operations to try and topple Iran’s Islamo-fascist regime and avoid military conflict with the regions biggest supporter of world-wide terror. Even if these four are innocent, ABC News provided them the firing squad card by simply reporting US efforts existed inside Iran.

Bush is no Jimmah Carter. But this situation is much more complicated thanks to ABC News and their big, terrorist-assisting mouths. Hold your breath – we are in for a rocky ride on this one.

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3 Responses to “Iran Takes US Hostages – Again – Over Supposed Confessions”

  1. Brandon says:

    We must stop negociating with terrorists!

  2. ivehadit says:

    And why wouldn’t he? He sees the mobs on the right and left attacking. He reads the internet.
    I say shame on both of them for publically disparaging and attacking a sitting president during a time of war.

  3. thecentercannothold says:

    Yes, you’re in for a rocky ride. Iran just opened negotiations with Sunni Egypt, which is also alarming the Israel-first crowd which wants to bring about widespread Sunni-Shia bloodshed and is blaming it on Bush capitulation in Iraq to Iran!

    But capitulate he must. Iranian agent Chalabi outwitted the neocons Feith, Wolfowitz in manipulating the US on false premsies into the Iraq quagmire and Iran holds the cards!