Jun 02 2007

The Redundant Right On Immigration

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The split in the conservative movement, brewing since the hardliners insulted and pilloried a moderate, former democrat by the name of Harriet Miers, is gladly at hand. The hard right not only insulted Miers, but all conservatives who were not ‘pure’ enough to have a leading role in the conservative movement. It became painfully clear during the Miers nomination that the hard right barely tolerated those of us who had come late to the conservative movement. Sadly the right had no stomach to find the next Reagan or Kilpatrick (both ex-dems). But worse than that they used speculation of her motives and purity to ruin her reputation. This is what the far right does when they disagree – they character assassinate.

Then we hit the Dubai Ports issue and the hysterics. It was a real eye opener to see people base all their speculation on race and nationality – nothing more. It was so anti-American it was only excused because of our war with al Qaeda. Clearly some people are more easily spooked than others – at least that is what many of us told ourselves. It was ugly but that happens in a time of war.

Of course the issue of immigration is the current problem and then patience has warn out on both sides. The problem of immigration is too big, too important to let the far right throw it all away in fits of wild and unsubstantiated speculation. And their vitriol against all who oppose them has never been worse. Thankfully, this time, they are redundant and not needed in the debate on immigration. The Bill being debated includes border enhancements – which is all the far right will allow to pass. They will not allow any other options, therefore players, at the table. Fine. As we who support the Bill have said over and over – we support stronger borders and laws. We simply ALSO support the guest worker program elements (with fines and penalties, no amnesty).

There are stories the far right is walking away from the GOP in their fit of frustration that few still buy into their hard stances. That actually is a good thing. We have a choice in this country and on the right. Those of us who support the entire package (and understand it is needed now and waiting for perfection is very, very dangerous) can support the border elements of the plan. That makes the far right and their support redundant. But more than that, the far right is a poison pill to anything getting passed. So it is better to let them go off in anger while everyone else comes together to actually solve the problems the right keeps moaning about. They are legitimate problems, they deserve serious action.

The bill not only beefs up the borders, it finally gives workers tamper proof IDs – necessary for jobs. Back taxes and fines are required as punishment to what is a process crime at its root. The most important item is the one-strike-your-out provision for all immigrants. That would mean a murder conviction can get you deported. Right now that is not the case. Finally, temporary workers will not be given credit towards the path to citizenship. And much of the action under this bill would be voluntary, so as to MINIMIZE the law enforcement resources required (unlike all the far right proposals which create an enormous drag on our last line of defense against terrorists)> Yes, enforcement of staying periods is still required. But the good news is the tamper proof IDs. No ID not job. IDs expire. Therefore it will be unambiguous as to the current status of immigrants.

Is it foolproof? Of course not. Nothing is. Waiting on the fantasy of perfection is a waste of time. It is a lame stalling tactic. But it is major PROGRESS. So we can have the poison pills of the far right (who are taking their marbles home as we speak) or some major progress by bridging the middle of the country. I am for progress. The far right has no cogent arguments. They have no tolerance of diverse views and they seem to get their feelings hurt every time someone calls them on the abusive tactics. Since they are redundant to those who support the border provisions in the Bill, they are quite obviously not required in this debate. The supporters of the Bill can uphold the border issues. So let’s go make some progress, and let the far right stew in their hurt feelings that nobody cares what they think. Caring is a two way street, and it has been one way too many times now.

BTW Dems, this is a good opportunity to get a second look from conservatives. Consider how damaging purity movements are to governing coalitions.

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  1. Terrye says:


    I think you mean UNsubstantiated speculation. Might want to fix that.

    In 2004 George Bush won the presidential election against John {I served in Viet Nam} Kerry with 62 million votes, more than anyone in history. He had 44% of the hispanic vote and a large enough slice of Independents that he had a broad based coalition, and there was a war on then too.

    Now after the biannual hissy fit from the right his coalition is in tatters and who gets the blame? Bush of course. Back in 2006 the hispanic vote was less than 30%…way to go…. and Independents were getting kind of tired of all the drama and they began to think maybe the Democrats are not so crazy after all.

    I don’t know what the answer is anymore, I really do not. Years ago a guy told me that if the Republicans win the right will do what they always and do and start thinking they run the country and then they will run off a bunch of people and lose the majority. I blew him off at the time, but now I wonder.

    I know these people think that if they can kill this bill then that means everyone agrees with them, no, it means people are sick of the issue and don’t trust the government. However, when poll after poll show that a majority of over 60% support regularization and other elements in the bill that conservatives say they can not support at all ever, then that means they are out of step with the mainstream. Most people do consider security to be a priority, but that does not mean they are against the other elements in the bill.

    And so the politicians are in the position where they can not support the bill or kill it either without some repercussions.

    Hell if I know the answer.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Thanks Terrye,

    Of course I did. Since everytime they have an issue I knock down and they make up another one in their heads.

  3. lurker9876 says:

    From what I’ve read so far the bill looked good. Plus the amendments submitted also looked good. It appears to be a good bill that can be amended.

    I read a comment somewhere that legalizing 12 millions today will add 12 million democratic votes. I don’t believe it. After all, if Bush and McCain managed to get it passed, then perhaps some of the eventual 12 million voters may become more conservative. In fact, most of their lifestyle (barring gangs) is conservative.

    I don’t know. I just hope that this bill will pass and we will finally get some reform. It won’t be perfect but can be fine tuned over time.

  4. ivehadit says:

    Are not most of those who are here working and living and contributing, Catholic? Catholics favor traditional, family values….hardly anything you will find in the s-site/global socialist/communist democrat party.

  5. biglsusportsfan says:


    Don’t mention that 44 percent number people dont want to hear it. They don’t want to hear how nationally the Hispanic/Latino vote has been increasing since the infamous 86 bill to the GOP. Well that was until last year.

    Our GOP leaders can see the writing on the wall and realize if we become the anti hispanic party we shall be forever a minority. I know it it is not all about race. But to deny it is not there is silly. I see the stuff I get in my email. I know that many of the demostrations against Graham in SC are sponsered by the racist and extreme League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens. When World Nuts Daily has stories of “Illegal Alien Rapes Puppy” and all these cries have a hispanic face to them they are aiming at our less than honorable instincts.

  6. thecentercannothold says:


    Those who believe the Hispanics are “conservative,”should read this report.

    In biglsusportsfan’s world, La Raza and Hispanics in general
    are allowed to exhibit “less than honorable instincts” but
    European-Americans are not, I suppose-until we are the
    victimized minority and treated oficially as second-class
    citizens by the vindictive.

  7. peterschaeffer says:

    Again where do you get this stuff?

    “The most important item is the one-strike-your-out provision for all immigrants. That would mean a murder conviction can get you deported. Right now that is not the case.”

    Criminal legals have been deportable for decades… It doesn’t always happen because Bush and friends don’t enforce the law.

    Try to learn something about immigration before you post.

  8. peterschaeffer says:

    Again where do get this stuff?

    “The Bill being debated includes border enhancements – which is all the far right will allow to pass.”

    The bill calls for 370 miles of single-layer fence. Existing law provides for 854 miles. The bill calls for 18,000 border patrol agents. Existing law provides for 20,000.

    The bill is a large step backwards for border security. Ask Duncan Hunter who wrote the fence bill.

  9. peterschaeffer says:

    Again where do you get this stuff?

    “But the good news is the tamper proof IDs. No ID not job. IDs expire.”

    No, not exactly. The bill still allows the use of “labor contractors” who provide legal cover for corporations that want illegal labor but don’t want to get their hands (too) dirty.

    Of course, what the labor contractors do is illegal. However, it has been for a long time with near zero law enforcement.

    In your fantasy world, Bush is now going to start enforcing our immigration laws after this bill becomes law.

    Think again.