May 15 2007

US Has Kidnappers In Iraq Surrounded

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It appears the Islamo Fascists responsible for the killing and kidnapping of US troops may be surrounded as the search focuses in on an area near or in Diyala Province:

United States forces searching for three kidnapped soldiers in Iraq say suspected Al Qaeda militants holding the men are trapped in an area of farmland near Baghdad.

Backed by helicopters and using sniffer dogs, thousands of American and Iraqi troops taking part in the massive hunt have isolated towns in the ‘Triangle of Death’ south of the capital, where the captors are believed to be hiding, the military said.

Sounds to me as if the US is getting some assistance from the locals in their efforts. Also sounds to me like al Qaeda is in its final throws in Iraq. Anyone paying attention knew al Qaeda would not go easily, but instead they would do all they could on their way to Allah to turn back their pending defeat.

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3 Responses to “US Has Kidnappers In Iraq Surrounded”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    It does sound good and a tipping point may be near, but the other side also sees the situation and they can react.

    Two possibilities come to the front.

    1) Try to bring in a bunch of reinforcements through very porous borders to extend the fight.

    2) Authorize external cells to action to create a diversion, which would be totally counter productive because it would make our guys on the ground have an adrenaline push in response.

  2. jimbo1 says:

    Has anyone seen an update on this report?

  3. AJStrata says:


    Not yet.