May 08 2007

Surrendercrats’ Crass Opportunism

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I propose a gag rule on the Democrats I know they will not like, but any decent American should require. The idea comes from Rep Senator Jim Bunning:

Americans on the front lines of a war and political poll numbers do not ever belong in the same sentence.

Too true. Watching the Dems salivate at how the blood in Iraq is helping their electorial chances turns one’s stomach. If we can pass hate laws and speech laws we can pass then why not a law that says no party can take advantage of the deaths of our troops and allies???

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2 Responses to “Surrendercrats’ Crass Opportunism”

  1. ivehadit says:

    Excellent AJ! I couldn’t agree more.

    I am so sick of the sorosites and their hatred of America. Their stalinist tactics are being exposed every single day. They have no principles, only a crass, raw political power grab as their “soul”.

    They are bankrupt internally and they know it. Shame on all those in the democrat party that surrendered to the sorosite America-haters. They will rue the day they sold their souls…again (the clintons being the first purchasers).

    If they can’t protect their own party from the global socialists, how the heck are they going to protect America? Answer: They won’t.

  2. owl says:

    The Senator is right… is shameful.

    Let me point out another crass opportunism that they circle back to the Iraq war and the troops. Drudge had it posted yesterday and I heard it a couple of times on FOX. Since then have heard it on CNN, ABC and 3 more times today on FOX. It is now sitting on my Yahoo homepage. Not familar with Kansas Gov but I am familar with the Dem\\\\\\\’s MSM Army. I could smell the stink immediately because it did not say \\\\\\\’Republican Gov\\\\\\\’. It only said \\\\\\\’Gov\\\\\\\’. Yahoo is used to being sneaky so they say \\\\\\\”Kansas Gov\\\\\\\”. Have to blame someone for that tornado and we have another whining incompetent Gov whining so she can blame the war and Bush.

    \\\\\\\”In 2006, Governor Sebelius was elected chair of the Democratic Governors Association.\\\\\\\”