May 04 2007

The Iraq The SurrenderMedia Failed To Show Us

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In a very poignant piece in the WaPo today an Iraqi asks America to finish what it started, to fulfill its promises and not allow al Qaeda to take our successes to date and turn them into the next Holocaust simply because the Surrendercrats have no stomach for facing down Islam Fascists:

Last weekend a traffic jam several miles long snaked out of the Mansour district in western Baghdad. The delay stemmed not from a car bomb closing the road but from a queue to enter the city’s central amusement park. The line became so long some families left their cars and walked to enjoy picnics, fairground rides and soccer, the Iraqi national obsession.

Across the city, restaurants are slowly filling and shops are reopening. The streets are busy. Iraqis are not cowering indoors. The appalling death tolls from suicide attacks are often high because of crowding at markets. These days you are as likely to hear complaints about traffic congestion as about the security situation. Across Baghdad there is a cacophony of sirens from ambulances, firefighters and police providing public services. You cannot even escape the curse of traffic wardens ticketing illegally parked cars.

These small but significant snippets of normality are overshadowed by acts of gross violence, which fuel the opinion of some that Iraq is in a downward spiral. The Iraqi people are indeed suffering tremendous hardships and making grave sacrifices — but daily life goes on for 7 million Baghdadis struggling to take back their capital and country.

There is no denying the difficulties Iraq faces, and no amount of good news can obscure the demons of terrorism and sectarianism that have risen in my country. But there is too much at stake to risk failure, and everything to gain by helping us protect our hard-won democratic achievements and emerge as a stable, self-sustaining country.

Contrary to popular belief, most government ministries are located outside the Green Zone, and employees drive to work every day despite death threats and attacks on colleagues and families. We government ministers are always at risk of assassination. When a suicide bomber attacked parliament last month, the legislators sat in defiance in an extraordinary session the following day. I am particularly inspired by the commitment of the young diplomats in the Foreign Ministry, a diverse mix of Sunni, Shiite, Christian, Arab and Kurdish men and women who serve their country without subscribing to religious or sectarian divisions.

Only with continued international commitment and deeper engagement from our neighbors can we establish a stable democratic, federal and united Iraq. The world should not abandon us.

Kudos to the WaPo for publishing this man’s views. But the WaPo and the SurrenderMedia could just as easily painted the same picture if their reporting was more balanced. The media is still too biased towards the liberal margins in this country (except Lou Dobbs who is on a wild craze to round up and deport all illegals – the man is insane). The fact is we need to finish this and find success, not pray and hope for failure. The BDS has driven the left in this country literally mad if they cannot accept what this brave man is saying from Iraq.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    The truth is that the democrats KNOW that this is necessary, that we have done a good and brilliant thing in going into Iraq. They know it was in America’s best interest to go into Iraq and take Saddam out. They know, that if truth and intellectual honesty were to abound, that Iraq is a major front in the War on Terror. And they know that we are in a fight for our lives and the President is a man of HUGE courage and will be in the top five best Presidents we have ever had.

    They simply cannot allow this to be the case because it puts them into utter irrelevancy and despair for they will be out of power for decades…if George W. Bush is allowed to follow through on his courageous plan.

  2. The Iraqi Foreign Minister makes his plea…

    (H/T: Capt. Ed). From the Washington Post:
    There is no denying the difficulties Iraq faces, and no amount of good news can obscure the demons of terrorism and sectarianism that have risen in my country. But there is too much at stake to risk failure, a…