Apr 30 2007

Coming To America Thanks To Surrendercrats

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Want to see what Democrat/Surrendercrat policies have in store for America’s future? Just look at the UK (which has much broader domestic surveillance and search authority than we do here in the US) and the terrorists they have there. Because once the Surrendercrats cede Iraq to Bin Laden he will have the resources and the momentum to send armies of martyrs to our shores (or activate the ones here now) on just these kinds of missions:

Five people were on Monday found guilty of planning a bombing campaign on mainland Britain that aimed to wipe out “strategic assets” or kill and injure British citizens.

Evidence presented to the jury suggested that a central London nightclub, energy supplies, and the Bluewater shopping centre, one of Britain’s largest retail malls, in Kent were amongst the potential targets considered by some of the men.

Once freed from the fight in Iraq the havoc these cells could unleash as they detonated bombs in malls and stadiums and concert halls would be horrific and unending. We cannot cede the battlefield in the ME to these nutcases….

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