Apr 30 2007

Big Day In Iraq! (And Afghanistan!)

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Wow, the coalition has been busy, busy, busy in Iraq. They nabbed 72 insurgents (something you cannot do while retreating to Okinowa Mad Murtha) in sweeps this weekend. Something the liberal-puppet news will never let America hear about because it puts the lie to the Surrendercrats:

U.S. troops captured 72 suspected insurgents and seized nitric acid and other bomb-making materials in overnight raids on al Qaeda in the north and west of Baghdad, the U.S. military said on Sunday.

The synchronised operations took place in the provinces of Anbar and Salahaddin, both Sunni Arab strongholds.

The Surrendercrats should pay close attention to the Nitric Acid cache. The use of this in a Chemical Weapon would mame and kill men, women and children alike. We cannot protect the millions of Iraqis who went to the polls many times over the last few years while in retreat. The Surrendercrats are obsessed with getting votes. They simply refuse to see the human costs of their power lust. So three cheers to our troops in Iraq on a job well done! And pay attention Surrendercrats – there are lots of options left for Iraq to succeed.

Addendum:: Even more success in Afghanistan where US, UK and Afghan forces take out over 130 unsurgents.

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