Apr 27 2007

Saudis Stop Plot To Highjack Planes & Fly Them Into US Bases

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The Democrats are looking pretty shabby compared to the Saudi Security forces. Unlike the Dems who want to run from the ME and al Qaeda, the Saudis foiled a major terrorist plot to again use commercial airlines as bombs, this time to target US and coalition bases in the ME:

The ambitious plot that was thwarted bore chilling echoes to the 11 September attacks. Most of those hijackers were Saudi-born.

“One of their main targets was to carry out suicide attacks against public figures and oil installations and to target military bases inside and outside [the country],” the Saudi interior ministry said in a statement.

It added: “Some had begun training on the use of weapons, and some were sent to other countries to study aviation in preparation to use them to carry out terrorist operations inside the country.”

Any airborne terror attack from the oil-rich kingdom would put British warships in the Gulf at risk as well as the 7,100 British forces in the nearby southern Iraqi city of Basra.

The Bahrain-based 5th Fleet, of the US, also makes a major target for a terrorist spectacular.

And how was it this plot was foiled. Our pressure on al Qaeda has forced them to go to extremes to keep support and/or control of local populations. Al Qaeda has been slaughtering Muslims in unprecendented numbers to shake those like the liberal Democrats in the US into running away. The good news for us is they over did the strategy and ended up making enemies inside the Arabe/Muslim community – which turned on them and tipped off authorities:

Al-Qaeda also miscalculated badly by killing Saudi officials – leading to a backlash by the Saudi public which has provided invaluable tip-offs.

This is the kind of pressure a US presence on the ground can only provide. This is the kind of pressure focused and determined anti-insurgency tactics like those now being employed in The Surge can create. These are the kinds of results you get when you engage the enemy, versus ‘redeploying’ to safe havens far away from the source of the terrorism – as the Dems suggest in their Surrender Plans. Democrats cannot climb off this limb they are on. They will now twist in the wind with each success, with each step forward. And they will be seen as complicit with each failure, each death, as al Qaeda ratchets up the bloodshed in order to provide more spine to the liberals.

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6 Responses to “Saudis Stop Plot To Highjack Planes & Fly Them Into US Bases”

  1. patrick neid says:

    when the saudis’ stop financing wahabbism worldwide, i’ll start to trust their terror bonifides. the house of saud, to the tune of 100 billion so far, supports and finances this hateful brand of islam. it is said they have their fingerprints on 80% of US mosques. that’s a lot of hate speech every friday. wahabbism is akin to the “taliban with money”.

    they protect the oil to protect their money. bin laden changed his tactics years ago from peace with the kingdom to trying to take over the oil to induce a worldwide depression. his thinking, from the grave i think, is pretty sound. induce a depression via oil and the financial empire that is the west will collapse along with all commerce. fertile ground for radical islam.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Guess who would benefit most from such a strike …


  3. BarbaraS says:

    I guess that’s why all those
    saudi militants went back to Saudi Arabia from Iraq several weeks ago.

    I’m with Patrick Neid. As soon as the house of Saud quits funding that hateful sect and stops funding them in the US I will believe their sincerity. This was just getting too close to home and will probably get even closer with all members of this cult in that country.

    The house of Saud is trying to have it both ways. Eventually they will discover that they can’t if they want to survive.

    One question I would like to have an anser to is, When does religion become the state’s responsibility when said religion is actively working against the state? Does the Constitution not provide for this scenario? Why does the government allow this Wahabbi sect to operate in this country. Why have they not shut them down? They allow not only churches for this sect to operate but also camps and schools. Are we providing locations and sites for our own downfall?
    Has it dawned on anybody that the muslim people are the only ones that try to impose their beliefs on the country they emigrated to? They cannot assimilate. It is against their religion. We need to stop allowing them into this country.

  4. gumshoe says:

    “One question I would like to have an answer to is, ‘When does religion become the state’s responsibility when said religion is actively working against the state?’
    Does the Constitution not provide for this scenario?”

    i think that’s an excellent question,BarbaraS,
    and one i’ve not seen an answer to
    or extensive discussion of…ANYWHERE.

    i’d re-phrase slightly:

    “When does a religious sect become the state’s responsibility, when said religious sect is actively working against the state?

    i think the lack of discussion SPECIFIC to that issue
    is likely, because it was NOT anticipated by the Founders.

    it is also why so much of this “Long War” has become clandestine, and, perhaps,why a significant portion of the US public finds
    it difficult to support.

    there’s a cognitive dis-connect.

    it also represents a strategic weak point in the US Constitution
    which is increasingly being attacked by supporters of Islam.

    and the lack of discussion allows the attack(s) to continue.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:


    We are Londonstan on a much smaller scale.

    Percentage wise they are a much smaller percentage of our population.

    The EU countries are staring down the barrel of the gun and like 60’s era flower children putting flowers in the barrel.

    Has anyone ever asked themselves why so many people from Somalia, a desert hot African country would migrate to the great white north where snow has is something they viewed in the distance on their highest mountains? Also why with the whole US to pick from why would they self ghetto there?

  6. gumshoe says:

    Merlin & BarbraS –

    i originally had a longer reply to Barbara’s comments above…

    the strategy of militant Islamists for Europe seems to be demographics and overwhelming the welfare-state.

    the strategy of militant Islamists for the US seems to be
    twisting the principle of Church(Mosque)/State separation
    (gotta have those Islamophile education programs in public shools and for law-enforcement,though),
    by constantly testing the resources of law-enforcement(man-hours and money)and public awareness…re-shaping expectations….
    ,refusing to assimilate, and swamping the court system with ACLU-supported civil-rights cases.

    people with the vision of mayflies
    can’t accept that others may be playing by a plan
    longer than one or two election cycles.