Apr 20 2007

Cho’s Motives Still Unknown

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We all know a person has to be very disturbed to plot and act to kill so many people. CNN is reporting over 200 bullets were shot by Cho from 17 clips. The man was definitely well equipped. But there are other issues the media is not getting out to the public very well (though they were hell bent to repeat the videos ad nasuem). One example is the fact one of Cho’s files from his manifesto had a very interesting name, as picked up by Pamela at Atlas Shrugs:

Their titles are varied and hard to match with their content: “all of You,” “am al qaeda,” “anti terror,” “as time appr,” “blood of inno,” “congrad,” “could b victim.” The rambling comments are those of an angry young man who felt persecuted, who felt that the world is against him, who felt he was a victim of personal terrorism.

Now that is not a weak link to al Qaeda – that is a direct statement. I would like to know which video or file was the one with that name. Is that the one were Cho rages against Christianity? His deranged ramblings are not much different from those of Bin Laden. Not identical, but from the world of sanity close enough. Now there are court documents that Cho may have ‘shared’ his plans with someone.

In a search warrant affidavit filed by Virginia State Police Friday, authorities say the shooter “may have communicated with others concerning his plans to carry out attacks on students and faculty at Virginia Tech.”

Police are now seeking Cho’s cell phone records from Verizon Wireless in New Jersey.

As many have asked -who trained Cho? Why is it not possible Cho was HELPED with his planning. So it will be worth watching this angle. But the main stream view of Cho’s actions are also still in play as can be seen by searches of Tech’s computer servers to see if he had email contact with his first victim:

In another warrant affidavit filed Friday, police seek to mine Virginia Tech’s computer servers, to see if Cho may have communicated by e-mail with Emily Hilscher, one of two victims shot in Ambler Johnston Hall.

Cho’s story is still unfolding and I see no clear evidence one way or the other. The only thing I think should be explored more is the role his depression medication may have played since it has become a recurring nightmare that these drugs sap the humanity from some of the people who use them – basically turning off their emotions which anchor them in to humanity and reality.
Update: There is even more evidence that points towards Cho’s anger being vented and channeled towards the West and Christiandom:

Clues about Cho’s possible motives could come from the writings, photographs and video footage that Cho mailed to NBC. Cho rages against rich kids, snobs and those who wronged him. Cho also left behind an eight-page letter, and a typed, single-spaced page, shown Friday to The Associated Press, makes some of the same points.

“You pick out the Weak and the Defenseless and turbo-(expletive deleted) us for your own pleasure and put on faces of devout Christians in front of your parents and strangers,” it read. “You drink your vodka, share needles and go on your escapades on Saturday night and go to church on Sunday morning.”

He added: “You have to search high and low for the Weak and the Defenseless to taunt and terrorize on Monday.”

Clearly there is a component of Cho’s anger which was the taunting and isolation he suffered. But many who suffer this kind of treatment in school would also find it hard to return that back onto others. They know how they feel and cannot understand why anyone would be so cruel. But that is not always the case and the difference can be an outside influence. The difference can be someone who starts to plant seeds of hate and vengeance. There could be someone who manipulated and channeled Cho down this path. If someone could get inside his defenses, which is possible, then they could use this person. But it is also possible Cho simply felt so distant from society and only a downwaed path that he saw no reason to live. Hopefully we will find out one way or the other. It is important for all the other kids out there struggling.

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  1. Dorf77 says:

    Nucking futz … Only minor point but real, a CLIP is NOT a magazine, which is what he had and used to feed the Weapon (not a gun)!

    Enough of the Gun BS. If it isn’t obvious that he started and finished his escapade with the intent to emulate Bin’ (an sob) I am puzzled………


  2. crosspatch says:

    The guy was crazy. His motives wouldn’t make sense to a rational person. There is no need to try to make sense out of it, you can’t.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    I am so sick of this guy. I don’t care about his motives. I only care about his actions. And running those tapes 24/7 is getting old. I wish the media would quit giving this monster fame and attention. This must be horrible for the families of the murdered. I don’t know what it is like to lose a child this way, but I can just imagine. The media has run amok with disasters. They are all surpassing the National Enquirer in sensation news.

  4. ivehadit says:

    This really has become a sickness and it is called Enmeshment. And this sickenss is wholely owned by the democrats. It is a weapon they use to manipulate us. And the media (an arm of the dnc) are all too willing partners. And it is the height of narcissism.

    What happened in Blacksburg, Va. has nothing whatsoever to do with what goes on in the rest of the country. Crazy people live all over the world. Evil exists. Random acts happen. Terrorists are all around us and they are sick people. We are not Cho and he is not us. (Nor were we the Columbine boys-what grandiosity to cast that all over the country)

    One young man chose to do evil things. It does not mean we, as Americans, are evil. It does not mean that all schools in America are unsafe. It does not mean that all 23 year olds are dangerous, sick people. It does not mean that sweeping laws need to be changed.

    One young man chose to do evil things in Blacksburg, Va. Period.

    And we have empathy and we mourn for those in his path and for his family. Period.

  5. SallyVee says:

    AJ, I’m a little surprised you’re still on this path to nowhere. I’d be careful about fraternizing with Pam. I cannot get into her website at all, btw, despite trying 3 different browsers. I think we’re all naturally curious about the Ismail Ax phrase, but no more so than the other crazy and disturbing details. I’m sure psyCho borrowed from Al-Q, Columbine, and probably American Idol — anything to add fuel to his fire.

    Besides, doncha know Pam & Co. are all being played — and maybe paid — by the {{{ NEO-CONS }}} Cue the scary music…

    [SNIP] By connecting the massacre to militant Islam, the fraudulent war on terror can be perpetuated as the Bush administration lines up its aircraft carriers in the Gulf for an imminent strike on Iran. The base level propaganda that “the enemy” is attacking our college kids would give the Neo-Cons all the pretext they need for selling another pre-emptive war to a dumbed down public.

    This may not be the false flag we were all fearing, but it certainly puts the population in a semi-comatose state and makes the horrors perpetrated in the name of Empire look insignificant when up against the terror on our doorstep.


    P.S. Can’t wait for Alex Jones to add yesterday’s NASA shootings to the mix… I’ll bet the guy wet his pants when he heard and is writing up a chapter for InfoWars.com now. You of all people surely know that our moon landings were faked, and NASA is secretly controlled by the Freemasons…

  6. Terrye says:

    The guy is crazy and he will pick up things from the world around and turn them into something else. If it were not AlQaida, it would be UFOs.

  7. sbd says:

    Maybe this is why CAIR made their sympathy announcement!!

    CAIR’s former civil-rights coordinator, Randall “Ismail” Royer, along with 10 other men known as the “Virginia Jihad Group” was indicted on 41 counts, including training and participating in jihad activities overseas. (He is now serving 20 years in federal prison.)

    Hardball Tactics in an Era of Threats; To the government, they were a terrorist risk in the Washington area. To local Muslims, they were unfairly singled out for prosecution and severe sentences in a post-9/11 world. The Washington Post September 3, 2006 Sunday

    At some local mosques, the trials have left a legacy of distrust of the justice system. Dar al-Hijrah is financially assisting the families of some of those convicted. To raise money for the defendants, a worshiper printed T-shirts with the slogan “Free Our Unjustly Detained Brothers — Political Pawns in the War on Terror.”

    Members of Dar-us-Salaam, the mosque connected with the school where Chandia teaches, helped organize a fundraiser and Web site for him.

    Authorities “are trying to send a message to every Muslim” with the long imprisonments, said Keryn Ahmed. “But they’re just making us mad.”

    Could Cho be referring to the above Brothers who have been oppressed?

    Was his attack retribution for his “Unjustly Detained Brothers — Political Pawns in the War on Terror.”?


  8. Jacqui says:

    With all the anti-American propaganda on American campuses due to political views of many of the professors is this the place we need unstable young persons that can be manipulated towards violence? Think of the violent protests against speakers whose only crime was they were not liberal. Or groups like CAIR? Did you ever see the documentary on how they selected some of the young men for 9/11? They were recruited on a college campus. They look for people like Cho who need a cause and Cho found his cause in planning mass murder.

    What will happen when the pie in the face of a conservative speaker or some politician is replaced with a gun or a knife – or a suicide bomber goes there to wipe out as many evil conservatives as possible – all because some kid like Cho is soaking up all the anger spewed by liberal professors and internalizing it and making it his personal vendetta.

    While left-leaning pundits talk about gun control, let’s also talk about the perverse intellectual manipulation ocurring on campuses.