Apr 20 2007

Destroy Families To Save The Planet

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The faux scientists who claim the Global Warming is a man-made phenomena (though they have yet to provide any scientific proof – theories don’t count in science) are not only mistaken about what is causing the warming that has been ongoing for hundreds of years, but they are mistaken about how to deal with it.

Let’s realize that the Global temperaturs are inching up (but no where near the catastrophic levels predicts 12, 10, 7 years ago when the government funded hysteria began). And lets assume we need to adjust to deal with it (this is the part were Darwin comes in and reminds us those who can adapt survive, those who cannot die out). So we need to make sweeping global changes to survive (for example put desalination plants across the western coast of Africa and irrigate the sub sahara to create replace the desert with lush green plants). We will need to invest to make these adjustments. But the Kyoto-Nuts don’t see it that way. Their plan is to destroy families across the globe through massive recessions:

The cost of meeting Canada’s Kyoto commitments would be an economic downturn to rival the worst recessions of the past 60 years, spiralling energy costs and the worst unemployment in several generations, John Baird, Minister of the Environment, said yesterday.

Home heating costs would spiral; joblessness would soar; and Canada’s economy would slow by 4.2%, equal to the worst recession since the Second World War.

And that is in wealthy Canada. What do these Kyoto-Nuts think will happen in the poorer countries? These people are dangerously naive. With massive unemployment and recession NOTHING will get done to stop global warming because the man-made component – if there even is one – is so small it will not stop the process. The Kyoto-Nuts admit it will only slow its pace. All that will happen is increased disease and sickness and death.

But before these Kyoto-Nuts (who are all probably rich enough to survive the economic disater) send the globe into this economic hell, don’t they have to PROVE their theories and scenarios? Don’t they have to show some success in predicting weather and temperature and effects? They have not been able to predict a single critical event based on their ‘models’ (it is hard to call a terminally error-producing set of algorithms ‘a model’, most of us would call it a disaster). Before we go down this path we need hard proof, like the kind of proof we have in the law of gravity. Anyone wants to debate that fact I will oblige as we jump off a building – I will be the one wearing the parachute. Science abounds in unproven theories like the one that theorizes moon was created from the earth instead of it being a independent body the earth captured in its orbit. As you can see there are at least two schools of thought on the matter and there is no clear evidence one way or the other. That is why that aspect of physics and science is not yet in the same category as gravity, which is undisputed. The Kyoto-Nuts need to prove their wild theories – as all real scientists do.

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  1. mrmeangenes says:

    The (unstated) object of Kyoto was to cripple the economy of the US-which would have complied with the requirements-so that France,Germany,and Spain – which barely pretend to comply-would gain considerable market advantages…(IMHO)

  2. crosspatch says:

    We are also facing another problem. The use of ethanol as fuel is forcing corn prices to rise. Corn has doubled on world markets in the last year or so. This not only causes food and feed prices to rise globally (since corn is a world market), but it also results in land being shifted from wheat and soy production into corn resulting in the prices of those products to rise as well.

    The end result is greater malnutrition and increased deaths from starvation and disease in the poorest parts of the world. The push to burn ethanol is really about taking food from the mouths of the poorest of the poor and controlling population by putting greater pressure on world food supplies.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Some other things:

    1. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation is switching phase into its “cold” phase.

    2. At the same time that is happening, the North Atlantic Oscillation is also switching to its “cold” phase.

    3. At the same time both of those are happening, we are at solar minimum.

    Conditions are right for cooling in both North America (from the PDO) and Europe (from the NAO) and globally (from solar minimum). In fact, the latest temperature anomoly models from the National Weather Service are forecasting cooling as the year progresses.