Apr 18 2007

To Cho’s Parents

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Readers have been commenting on the anguish the parents of Cho Sueng-Hui are going through and it is probably true they are as shocked as anyone, looking for the answer to why their son/brother did this. My heart does go out to them because not only are they asking why, they are probably taking on guilt that is not theirs. And while lefties cannot fathom why many of us wonder about whether Cho was driven by demons or medication or religious fanatacism, the truth is all those possibilities exist and are worth exploring. And they are worth exploring for the same reason in each case: How do we, especially us parents (I have one coming out of college, one going in), make sure we see the warning signs in a young person so we can do what we can to avoid another incident like VA Tech?

I hope Cho’s family can get through this trauma, in many ways they are as much victims as anyone else. But I also hope we can learn what happened. And so if I want to find out what “Ismail’s Ax” meant and its implications, then that is as valid as trying to understand if the depression medicine made Cho’s emotional situation worse (which as has been proven to happen in other people). I am not running around claiming there are terrorists here – I know there are and more trying to come each day. I simply do not deny the reality 9-11 brought. I hope Cho’s family understands that we delve into these tragedies, and explore their hidden corners, so we can learn and avoid a repeat event. If Cho was driven by associations with the wrong people, or medication which should have required close monitoring of his response, or from a chemical imbalance that caused paranoid delusions – we need to know. I understand why Cho’s family may not want to face these questions and I hope they understand. Why lefties are all in a panic over them is beyond me.

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  1. CatoRenasci says:

    While I do have sympathy for the killer’s parents (and especially his sister), I think getting to the bottom of this atrocity is paramount, and the family has a duty to the society that welcomed them as immigrants to immediately and whole-heartedly cooperate in every way with law enforcement in doing everything possible to make every detail and facet of the murderer’s life known and available for scrutiny.

    I’m sure that will be immensely painful for them, but I think that in this circumstance, they must put their private grief aside and accept the greater responsiblity to society. They have the rest of their lives to grieve, and I am sure they will. The larger society needs to understand the atrocity as well as possible as soon as possible.