Apr 17 2007

Nitric Acid Attack Foiled In Iraq

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I noticed this story over at JammieWearingFool (that’s two links in one week!) the other day about al Qaeda getting their hands on Nitric Acid (since the Chlorine attacks were not doing the job I guess):

U.S. troops said yesterday that they had found two large caches of nitric acid a highly corrosive substance with chemical weapons potential in abandoned houses used by Sunni insurgents in western Baghdad.

Other chemically laced bombs used in terrorist attacks recently have been spiked with chlorine.

Acting on a tip from neighbors, members of the Stryker Brigade’s Alpha Company found 31 barrels of nitric acid Saturday in the walled-off front yard of a house that had been raided less than two weeks earlier.

I was too busy with the post on the Fench intel hints of 9-11 during Clinton’s administration I decided to not post on the Nitric Acid. But it turns out the insurgents had more caches of the acid which they attempted to turn into a truck delivered chemical attack:

A truck laden with nitric acid and explosives overturned before the driver could attack a joint security station operated by US and Iraqi troops north of Baghdad, the US military said on Tuesday.

In a statement, the US military said a security patrol went to assist the driver of the truck after it overturned and found it loaded with eight containers of nitric acid and explosives. It said the driver confessed he had been paid to attack the joint security station in Mushada, which also houses the town’s police station, north of Baghdad.

It seems the locals are beginning to understand al Qaeda and their allies are going to be the death of them or their children – which is why the leads are increasing and the number of terrorists rounded up is also increasing. We need to make sure these animals never get enough breathing space to start bringing their terror here.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    This Moonie-controlled Washington Times story has been discredited. The truck contained gasoline.

    As Emily Latella used to say: Never mind!