Apr 17 2007

Obama The Idiot Opportunist

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Sen Obama really screwed up by trying to compare the massacre of 32 people to the senseless comments of Imus. No Senator they are not the same thing and don’t you feel dirty trying to use these deaths for political points?

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  1. dennisa says:

    The man finds the two things equivalent, and he wants to be President? Ponder that.

  2. retire05 says:

    Is this not more proof that Obama is just an empty suit with an empty head. Instead of condolences to the families of the slain, he equates it with “racial” inequality. Wonder if he is happy that at least the shooter was a equal opportunity murderer having killed black students as well.

    OK, so let’s see what we have here; a half black candidate that makes no claim against his white heritage because it is not politically expedient; a female candidate that is so unaware of her surroundings that she had no clue that her husband was cheating on her in the very house she was living in and a while male candidate that says he understands the “two” America’s while he gets $400.00 haircuts and his wife is afraid of a neighbor that she doesn’t know, and has never met, because he has a Rudy sign on his fence and that makes him a gun toting right wing whacko?

    And this is the best the Democrats have to offer?

  3. lurker9876 says:

    How about Kucinich’s new letter requesting an impeachment of Dick Cheney?



    Harold Hutchison’s post of Stalemate over the defense pork bill?

    Big Lizards has something to say about the Democrats’ “Nothing” behavior.