Apr 16 2007

Stand By Gonzales

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The liberal Time magazine is claiming conservatives have no more fight in them and want to dump Bush/Gonzales. Only weak-kneed cons who wouldn’t stand behind our President in his time of need would do that. Bush enjoys a lot of support from conservatives and I and many others would be offended if Bush dumped Gonzales simply because the Libs were able to trump up some lame charges.

This battle must be won. Bush stood by this nation and had confidence we could pick ourselves up after the hits we took on 9-11. He put all his personal capitol on the line to bring us back to economic stability, beat Islamo Fascism and protect us from attack. In the process he protected fetuses from being experimented on and brought us the much needed Parental Notification laws.

Fair weather cons who crumble now will be remembered for one thing – quitting on Bush when he needed support. The Republican party is being decimated by self absorbed partisans who can no longer tolerate compromise and coalitions of common interest. They rail against the idea they may need to work with others with similar but not identical goals. Simply put they have grown tired of governing. Their frustration is that of someone who cannot get their way or cannot get what they want fast enough – two things you will never see in governence.

The purity madness from those who ever uttered the phrase “RINO” with demeaning intent is killing the opportunities of conservatives to govern this great nation. Gonzales may not be your kind of conservative, but if we are to be in this together then we must stand together. If the far right “panics and dumps” everytime someone they don’t have 100% agreement with is the target of attack then no one will see any value in partnering with them. Either we protect the Myers and Alitos as a coalition or go on the way to permanent minority status. Alliances are built on trust and respect, nothing else. Do not dump Gonzales if you want to govern.

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  1. BarbaraS says:

    I am so tired of people saying because someone is not a wonderful public speaker let’s dump him/her. I have seen some wonderful public speakers who are liars, theives and cheats. Look at all the con artists in the world. They didn’t succeed without a reason. And that reason is a golden tongue. Gonzales was doing his job. The guy is not stupid any more than Bush is stupid. And just because the dims in congress are trying to make a monkey out hGonzales is no reason for the republicans to aid them. They are trying to make a monkey out of all republicans. It is what they do. People need to stop believing what they read and see in the media. As Rush once said,”what if it were true?” about anything written in the NY Times. The dims call Bush stupid but he has come out ahead of them on just about everything. He certainly has more patience than the dims.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Excellent, AJ. Trust and respect build alliances and I am wondering if many conserviatives have the ability to build those alliances.

  3. Soothsayer says:

    Support someone who has already perjured himself before Congress; who will do so tomorrow; and who will ultimately get caught for it – cause he’s too dim a bulb to lie successfully?

    That’s a really, really good idea – if your goal is to ensure a Democratic landslide in ’08.

    So yes – by all means Support The Surge and Speedy, Too!

  4. Jim Harrison says:

    I’m no lawyer so I don’t know which if any of Gonzales’ actions have been criminal. But what bothers me and many others is not the legal issue, per se, as the preception that the Bush administration thinks that it is proper for the Criminal Justice system to be run as an arm of the RNC.

    Libertarians like to denounce the 20th Century as an era of statism, but what really happened in Germany, Italy, the Soviet Union, and China was not so much that the state got more powerful but that radical political parties took over the place and perrogatives of the state while ignoring the legalities and procedures that had limited state action. Legalities aside, are you guys in favor of making the American government the tool of party interests?

  5. legaleagle says:

    “This battle must be won.”

    Of course it must; because what matters is imposing the political and cultural agenda of the far right on the American public, regardless of what the vast majority of the electorate themselves wants. The American public wants out of Iraq? They want Gonzalez, Rove and Miers to testify under oath? They think Bush is a dull-witted, incompetent fanatic, and Cheney a blood-sucking, paranoid reptile? Screw ’em! Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and the rest of the greasy Republican hacks know what’s good for America, and are happy to be the deciders about what’s good for the rest of us. The followers of Republicanism worship bootlicking servility and authoritarianism above all other qualities, and, notwithstanding their ludicrous propaganda, are more than happy to flush this country’s democratic traditions down the toilet in order to achieve them.

    Now that the American public is finally catching on, it sure is a shame watching Republicans rip each other to shreds like spoiled, petulant 6-year-olds.

  6. Terrye says:


    I am not a big fan of Rush or Ann Coulter but I have not seen any evidence of this socalled desire to push a some authoritarian regime down the throats of the American people. Unless of course it is the left leaning thought police out there.

    I have seen a lot of serving lefties who can and do suck up to all sorts of thieves and liars pretending to be outraged over Gonzales when there is no evidence of any kind of crime at all. what rights have these people lost? They go on the internet and rave that they live in a dictatorship completely oblivious to the obvious stupidity of the comment.

    But Clinton and his most indicted administration in modern times? They love that. They have no problem with thieves, they just need that D behind their names.

    And by the way, the majority of people want to win in Iraq, and the majority do not like the way the Democrats are handling it either. If you are going to use polls to justify your positions, don’t leave out the ones you don’t like.

    The right has always done this, they baled on Reagan…only to make a saint of the man once he was gone. They turned on McCain, they are trying to turn on Gulliani. But there is a difference between the pundits and the people and most people do not know or even really care about this socalled scandal with Gonzales. Eight years of Clinton raised the bar on what is and is not outrageous to such an extent that this barely registers.

  7. Soothsayer says:

    I have not seen any evidence of this socalled desire to push a some authoritarian regime down the throats of the American people.

    If you haven’t seen it – then you’re blind: warrantless wiretaps, NSA eavesdropping, Military Commission Act allowing US citizens to have habeas rights stripped at the order of the Executive with NO recourse to the courts, US attorneys being fired for failing to pursue bogus prosecutions, the Unitary Executive theory that the president is above the law – You don’t even notice as your rights are being systematically stripped away by the most authoritarian regime is US history.

    This is unprecendented in the history of the US – altho it sure happened it Nazi Germany.

  8. Jim Harrison says:

    The great corrupt administrations of American history have all been Republican: Grant, Harding, Nixon, Reagan, and now Bush II. The Clinton administration, by contrast with these outfits, was notably clean. That’s simply a matter of public record. Republicans tend to mistake the nonstop talk about scandals under Clinton with the notable absence of any official getting convicted of anything during his time. They need to distinguish between the noise put out by the right-wing noise machine and slightly more objective sources of information such as court records…

    We all lose when people come to believe that all government officials at all times are crooked. That’s quite unfair to many people in many administrations Democratic and Republican. I expect that part of the reason that the Conservatives now in power are so cynical is that they came to office having told themselves over and over again that acting badly is what everybody does. They were living up to a negative generalization, doing what they thought was expected, i.e. lying, cheating, and stealing. The notion of public service, an ideal which is or should be quite distinct from holding a rightist or leftist ideology, became just a PR slogan for them, something that didn’t hold for the cool kids who know that politics is really about attaining power and enriching yourselves and your friends. But all politicians are not corrupt. The current administration is over achieving.

    The country can probably afford the looting of the treasury that goes along with every new Republican admininstration–what Reagan’s budget man, the recently indited, Stockman, called “Slopping the hogs.” Things are more serious when the corrupt men subvert the constitution in order to establish a one-party state, but this effort to install a stable keptocracy in Washington seems to be on the way out.

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  10. Soothsayer says:

    More VERY BAD NEWS for Gonzales – Kyle Sampson is rolling like a log:

    The former top aide to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales has told Congressional investigators that Mr. Gonzales was “inaccurate,” or “at least not complete” in asserting that he had no role in the deliberations about individual United States attorneys who were later dismissed.

    The statements by D. Kyle Sampson, the former chief of staff to Mr. Gonzales, during an interview with investigators on Sunday, were made public as the Senate Judiciary Committee postponed a hearing that had been scheduled for Tuesday in which Mr. Gonzales was to appear to defend his actions in the dismissals.

    In his interview, Mr. Sampson said under oath that Mr. Gonzales took part in discussions last fall about David C. Iglesias, who was removed as the United States attorney in New Mexico, as well as in a June 2006 meeting that addressed concerns about Carol C. Lam, the United States attorney ousted from her job in San Diego.

    Anybody else want to climb out on that limb and voice their support for the embattled AG??

  11. ivehadit says:

    Well, well, well. Look at all these Fitzfongs here today! The pathological liberals at it again.

    And they think we just don’t get who they are. Rotflmao!

  12. AJStrata says:


    Gonzales could have opinions on one prosecutor and still have delegated the selection to his staff. He could talk about the progress of the selection process with his staff, and he would. All of this consistent and legal. The left is not going to get perjury trap – no one is interested in it. Clinton lied under oath and survived – what makes you think anything is going to get Bush or Gonzales?

    No law broken no issue. No laws broken – get a life!

  13. ivehadit says:

    Yes, the backlash is in full swing. Bush/Libby/Bush/Delay/Bush/Duke/Bush/Imus/….Keep it up Leftists! We’re lovin’ it.

  14. Soothsayer says:

    AJ – Re-read what Sampson had to say – under oath – that Gonzales HAD DISCUSSIONS about firing US attorneys.

    Gonzales told the Senate he hadn’t. It’s called lying. It’s a felony when you lie to Congress. And he did it under oath:

    I would never, ever make a change in a United States attorney position for political reasons

    Further, Gonzales told the Senate Judiciary Committee the Bush administration planned to replace the interim appointees with nominees who would be confirmed by the Senate, but documents released after the resignation of Gonzales’ chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, showed Sampson hoped to “run out the clock” and keep Griffin in place over the objections of Pryor and his Arkansas colleague, Blanche Lincoln. Another blatant lie.

    Clinton survived – but he got impeached – although not convicted. And part of the reason he didn’t get convicted was his popularity never went under 60%. Bush is at 30 something – and it’s going to get worse before this is over. Every day that Gonzales’ ugly mug is on the Tube is going to further besmirch the most disastrous presidency in the history of the Republic.

    Would you care to bet on this outcome??

    I told you what would happen to Scooter, and now I’m telling you that Gonzales is Toast. I’m like Ripley, dude, you can Believe It Or Not!!