Apr 11 2007

Algiers Is New Front In War On Terror

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It will be interesting to see how Democrats in Congress respond to the new front in the War On Terror now raging in Algiers. Here is their opportunity to show how they would approach the senseless violence of Islamo Fascists. Instead of running to Iran, maybe Pelosi should run to Algiers and discuss how she will not lift a finger to help them in battling the tide of Islamo Fascist violence? There is no Bush doctrine in place here to confuse them or for them to hide behind. No military in place, no mistakes, jst a clean slate dems. What you got? [answer: nothing]

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  1. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ; appreciate the message you are trying to put out here, but it is inaccurate!

    Salafiyyah style Jihadis, have been killing non-Salafiyyah/innocent Alergians, for over 20 years!

    They’ve been slitting the throats of, killing singers, writers, teachers, journalists, actors, and just plain ordinary, innocent Alergians, since the late 80’s!

    I know, because I “worked” the problem starting then!

    The problem is, we, in the West, have just plain ignored it!

    And, Salafiyyah Sufis, in Sudan, have been murdering Christian, and Pagan Sudanese, in a Jihad, that started in the mid-1980’s; I know, because my parents lived there for five years, the Libyan Secret Service tried to kill my Mother, and I “worked” that problem for years as well!

    Again, we ignored that problem, for almost 20 years.

    Yes, Algeria and Sudan, are fronts in the GWOT; the problem is, the Jihadis made both of them so, almost 20 years ago for each!

    The other problem; we didn’t pay attention, and ignored them, until they became, or will become, politically expedient!

    In the meantime, over 200,000 Algerians have been killed in the past 20 years, and the amount of Christian and Pagan Sudanese, of the mainly Dinka and Nuer tribes, killed, slaughtered, raped, and sold into slavery, is STAGGERING!

    Maybe as many as a Million or more!

    Think about that…..

    The Jihadis know it’s a “WAR”; we don’t, and haven’t, for the past 15+ years, and the damn surrending Leftists in this country still don’t; the fools…

  2. crosspatch says:

    No, this isnt a new front. I would point you to two documents. zzthis one provides the historical context. And this document provides more recent context.

    So what we apparently have here is an Islamist insurgent group that is being hammered reaching out to al Qaida. We have seen that in the past when local insurgent groups begin to wilt from lack of resources and local leadership, they tend to jump onto the al Qaida bandwagon as a last ditch effort to get the resources they need to survive. Basically an act of desperation in an attempt to revitalize the movement and seem more intimidating.

    So basically it is the old GSPC jumping on to the al Qaida bandwagon which these days is more of a collection of lost causes than anything else. It seems to me that al Qaida is where insurgencies go to die. Once you align with them, you are assured of being hammered hard but if you have nothing left to lose, it is apparently worth a shot in their thinking.

    This has been going on for over a decade.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Note that I do not share the conclusion of the Jamestown paper in the al Qaida “franchises”. Most of those movements were local movements that have been nearly destroyed and hitched themselves to al Qaida’s wagon due to having no other choice. It is an impressive list when you count them all up but those organizations are mostly shells of their former selves. They are attempting to gain some synergy in a last ditch effort to gain some traction.

  4. DaleinAtlanta says:

    Crosspatch: this isn’t a bad reference either: