Apr 11 2007

Dems Destroying Congressional Authority

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The abuse of authority typically leads to the need to restrict that authority, and Democrats are ready to basically shift a lot of power back to the Presidency by their BDS driven, guaranteed to lose, actions. From the attempt to be Commander-in-Chief to Pelosi’s disasterous run at Secretary of State, the Democrats have been trying to grab power on many fronts – all with disasterous results. The talk of impeachment is ripe on the left as their BDS driven fantasies go into high gear, built upon a solid foundation of legal naivete’ and ignorance. Typically this is aimed at the master-mind of 9-11, Bush and Cheney (tin hats are all the rage now on the left). But some are thinking that a showdown over 8 dismissed prosecutors is the perfect time to make their bold (and dumb) move:

If Attorney General Alberto Gonzales does not resign soon, the House Judiciary Committee should start an inquiry into his possible impeachment.

There is much evidence to suggest that the attorney general perjured himself before Congress regarding the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, but no matter what Gonzales says about these cases when he testifies before the committee next week, the narrow focus of the hearings won’t begin to touch the full range of grave concerns that now exist about his fidelity to the rule of law.

The concern everyone has with the rule of law is its abuse by partisan hacks out for power who pretend to be for the rule of law. What has happened since the Plame-Wilson-Libby fiasco? No more willingness to support investigations – none. And that includes Congressional efforts for lame perjury traps. Congressional oversite is about to see a serious roadblock as people start to claim they need to get bacl to Congress on details so they can make sure they are not accidentally mistating the latest facts. The Bush administrations is rightfully putting an end to witchhunt hearings and people are refusing to provide testimony – even under the threat of subpoena. And the administration will refuse the latest subpoena madness coming out of committees chaired by old, bitter liberals out for revenge because they were swept from power. And all this will do, in the end, is weaken Congress and strengthen the Presidency. Just like Bill Clinton, these Democrats leave a path of destruction and waste in their wakes.

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  1. Carol J says:

    Right in the middle of all this, Pelosi and her buddy Tom Lantos are making plans to visit Iran on their next diplomatic mission! I say revoke her passport and tax-payer funded travel and move for her removal from office. Think that could happen? Can our constitution and our government survive any other way should be the question?

    Pelosi needs to be stopped from doing more damage. Also, the statement I heard from Harry Reid on Fox this morning sent a cold chill down my back…and he delivered it with his typical sanctimonious sneer. He basically said that the meeting at the White House (at Bush’s request) better be to (negotiate) (read aceed) to Congress’ demands! This Congress is in FULL revolt and getting worse by the day!

  2. BarbaraS says:

    Dims have no respect for the rule of law. The use this concept of the rule of law for their own purposes. They have parsed the Constitition until it is unrecognizable in their eyes. Their interpertation resembles nothing that the founding fathers intended. They have taken wording out of context to bolster their ends..witness the commerce clause. The founding fathers never intended anything of the sort and it nothing short of amazing that they could use the commerce clause to enforce the Endangered Species Act.

  3. ivehadit says:

    Leaving a wake of destruction in their paths is one of the definitions of rogues. And the liberals are the masters as they worship the king rogue, clinton.

    Rogue Behavior

    1. inability to feel genuine remorse and guilt- can only imitate these emotions

    2. they “hit and run”

    3. they blame the victim

    4. They are skilled at manipulation and are very charming

    5. The jig is never up!

    6. They will exploit anyone – family, friends, co-workers

    7. They are very comfortable asking/demanding what they want-they feel entitled!

    8. They are expert at inducing feelings in others-“take care of me”

    9. They view people as objects-can do serious damage and often leave a long trail of destruction behind them.

    10. They never developed a sense of moral conscience

    11. They are articulate and are persuasive in the appearence of conscience and pity.

    12. Their psychological bank book registers only deposits-no withdrawals

  4. Carol J says:

    I left this over at Macmind…

    Houston, we got a brand new problem:

    A Liberal Death Wish?

    The lede in this story involves Pelosi and Lantos being open to another diplomatic trip, this one to Iran. But this last paragraph shouldn’t be buried. The legislation is already proposed. Didn’t we learn anything from Clinton and Korea? And what about non-proliferation? Now we’re simply going to give everyone nuke capability? Are they nuts?

    Lantos noted that “with the speaker’s support,” he has co-sponsored legislation in the House that calls for making available to all countries — including Iran — nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes under international oversight by establishing a “nuclear fuel bank.”

    “So if the Iranian president says that he is developing (nuclear material) for peaceful purposes, we are assisting him in that process,” said Lantos, who anticipated the legislation could pass as early as May.

    via Riehl World View

    Had enough?

  5. Terrye says:

    We have not had diplomatice relations with Iran since the hostage taking in 1979 have we? Did anyone from the Clinton administration ever go to Iran? How can they do this legally.

    As for the president being ready for negotiation, Reid had better learn to count, he does not have the votes for over ride. A majority of 15 or so in the House and 1 in the Senate is not a mandate.

  6. Aitch748 says:

    Talk about “shadow government”! Apparently the Dems would like to destroy the credibility of the real government so that their own unelected fake government will prevail.

  7. Dc says:

    oh…you think THIS is shadow gov??? You haven’t seen nothin’ yet. (the CIA).