Mar 24 2007

Spies Don’t Wear Naval Uniforms

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The Iranian leadership is just plain stupid. Now they are claiming the British Marines, who were in full uniform and inspecting an Iraqi boat in Iraqi waters, are now spies. Unlike Iranian military members caught in Iraq, who were out of uniform and supplying the terrorists, Iran thinks someone in uniform is a spy??? There is no way we can let violent people, with IQs this low, get hold of nuclear weapons. If they are this dumb with boats and guns, imaging the stupidity they would be capable of with nuclear weapons. We are going to war again folks. Iran is heading over the brink on this one and there seems no way to stop them.

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  1. Terrye says:

    I do not know what they are up to here. Do they want their people back? Is this revenge for the mole?

    It seems to me that they are doing themselves damage here.

  2. kathie says:

    If the EU would back England, by cutting off all financial dealings and trade of any kind they could really put the hurt on Iran. Will they stick together?

  3. TomAnon says:

    Will this be the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident we have all been waiting for?

  4. CatoRenasci says:

    I think that Iran has staged this to invite an attack. I’m not sure why they think it would work in their favor, but I suspect they do. Perhaps they have a nuke they want to pop, or just think it will help them deal with their internal situation. Remember, these are people who have not seen the full fury of Western War since the time of Alexander.

  5. Mark_for_Senate says:

    They (Iran) are probably working with the democrats in Congress, telling them (and the media) to continue to distract, castigate and impune the administration at all levels so they can continue with their dirty work. Want to bet the drive-by media will totally ignore that the Geneva Convenstions clearly define a ‘spy’ of which the Britons do not qualify (they cannot be in uniform), so they will find some non-scandal to blame Bush for this action. The drive-by media needs to be destroyed in its current form. I’m not sure how much more of their anti-Americanism I can take.

  6. Iran to try 15 sailors for…

    A website run by associates of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, reported last night that the Britons would be put before a court and indicted….

  7. Dc says:

    …wondering if any democrat, liberal/progressive and or any UN member nation is going to publically note that this is a flagrant violation of the Geneva accords that they so like to toss around.

    As well, by international standards…anyone captured in uniform carrying out standard military operations cannot be a spy by definition. That’s not to mention that Iran’s raid and detaining of such soliders under such circumstances would be condemend mightly by the UN, the press, and the public if they followed their own logic/same as they do against “US imperilism”.

    Lastly, UK soliders are in Iraq legally. Iranian’s …are not. This is a pure provocative act by Iranian gov. Where are all the whinning, crying dems? The press? The finger shaking UN? International courts? Where is Jimmy Carter?

  8. Carol_Herman says:

    Ya know what?

    I don’t think Bush trusts Tony Blair. And, I think he sees lots of weaknesses inherent in even THINKING about :halping” the British here!

    You’ll notice that Tony Blair WANTED a piece of the Iraqi action, originally. He even chose Anbar on the map. Why? Because the Brits had close working relationships with the Saudis, that date back to that bed-sheeted wonder of theirs, Lawrence of Arabia.

    When they got into Iraq? They were going to “show” the Americans how to do “business” with the arabs. And, the arabs made chopped liver out of the Brits.

    They still do.

    Here? Why not think the way FDR did? That England GOT HERSELF into this mess! And, let England figure out how to get out of it.

    Back in WW2, Winston Churchill knew worse odds. And, FDR never let himself get played like a fiddle.

    I suspect that this president is in a similar mood. He doesn’t need to be played like a fiddle by the likes of Tony Blair. And, the other cowards in europe.

    Sure. We can exercise, ourselves. We can have the admirals of the fleet draw up “exercises” that will take care of the provocations the ilranians really want to use. ON THE OIL FIELDS. Where they can’t.

    What can the iranians do? Well, they can entertain code pink; and the pelosi “crowd.” If you want to call what’s left of the “piss movement” anything real.

    My guess? Iran think it has “bargaining chips.” They probably also think that Tony Blair is an excellent stand-in for Jimmuh Carter.

    While Bush will “halp” Tony cope. Maybe, Tony wants to borrow Bush’s invisibility cape?

    Actually, we need to have about two years time, passing. And, whatever works to push the clock forward. Where nothing really happens. What are ya gonna get from the iranians? More snuff films?

    Tony Blair’s biggest problem is that of all the things Bush understands, he understands that Tony Blair is nearly weightless. When it comes to showing spine. And, standing “tall.” And, no. Bush doesn’t want to hold the string on this balloon, either.

    You do notice, however, that ahmin-nut-in-his-stinking-dinner-jacket; doesn’t really have his whole nation behind him, either. Good to notice that, ya know.

    Has the free world ever been served by less lackluster characters than we see on stage now? I ponder at the choices that faced Israel, that gave them Olmert. Who then chose two boobs for major assignments: Livni and Amir Peretz. (Both of them don’t speak any English. Was that the criteria?)

    Then you have Tony Blair. Speaks for itself. When you’re not hearing from Tin Lizzies progeny. And, drunken grandchildren.

    And, then, in the White House, Mr. “can’t chew a pretzel without choking on it.” And, you want Bush to “sally forth?” With what? Oh. And, why?

    FDR noticed a lot of crap going on for most of his presidency. And, he didn’t get all hot and bothered. What did FDR do? He figured out we had a big depression. And, what made sense was to do good business. And, sell stuff. That’s the ticket.

    WAIT THIS OUT! And, perhaps? Practice. I’ll bet cha that Guiliani is looking very closely at the military operators. And, when the times come, ahead, to do house cleaning? You can work off the papers that Guiliani is collecting. Between what we see. And, what would work.

    Call the next two years “our planning stages.”

    Oh. And, make sure the wires are burning from the Admirals at sea; to headquarters. Just in case we need to “excersize” some fire power, on our own, ahead. But let’s NOT do this for the Brit’s! Those bastards are only ready to say “thank you” to algore. Which means we don’t have to tackle the weaknesses of others at this table. You got an ace? Keep it in your own hands.

  9. dennisa says:

    It has been suggested that the Iranian regime is trying to buy time for itself by creating external threats. Incidents like this will be used to unite Iranians, theoretically, and stall the overthrow of the regime for the time being. To my mind, this will probably get the regime worse than it bargained for, but then, I don’t use Mullah logic.

  10. DubiousD says:

    Incidentally, one of those captured is female… and a mom. You can bet there will be political hell to pay if that woman comes to harm while in Iranian custody.