Mar 24 2007

Iranian Crudeness – Al Qaeda’s Ally

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Does anyone think the fact Iran kidnapped British Marines searching an Iraqi boat in Iraqi waters has nothing to do with the fact the UN Security Council is about to vote a new round of sanctions against Iran tomorrow?

U.N. Security Council members reached broad agreement on Friday on a resolution imposing new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program but Iran’s president cancelled plans to address the council.

The vote is scheduled at 8 p.m. British time on Saturday barring any last minute changes when the latest text is sent to governments of the 15 council members for final approval.

“There will be a vote tomorrow and we are all determined that vote will be unanimous,” Britain’s U.N. ambassador, Emyr Jones Parry, told reporters on Friday.

The Iranians are second rate thugs. The fact is they have sealed their fate with the world, now the only question is just how mad are they and how far will they escalate this. My feeling is the are heading for the brink and beyond.

Uupdate: Well, the Iranians did not wait very long to escalate the issue.

Iran has said that British naval personnel seized at gunpoint in the Shatt-al-Arab waterway had confessed to illegally entering Iranian waters.

“The investigation, and confessions that we have, shows they have been arrested in Iranian waters,” an armed forces commander told state radio.

The 15 captured British naval personnel were today reported to have been moved to Tehran as Iran raised the stakes in the escalating diplomatic crisis.

The Iranians must either feel their back is up against the wall or they have something in hand they wish to have the West call their bluff on. The Iranians have no credibility and probably subscribe to the Muslim art of lying to the infidels. But beside their crude and immature posturing, what is their end game? There is something else going on here because the whole incident was too staged, waiting for the right moment to pounce, grab and get out of the way of the coalition’s much stronger warships:

The border between Iran and Iraq runs along the waterway and the Iranians say that British had crossed onto their side, a claim supported by Brigadier General Hakim Jassim, the Iraqi military commander of the country’s territorial waters.

“We were informed by Iraqi fishermen after they had returned from sea that there were British gunboats in an area that is out of Iraqi control,” he said.

I would be suspicious of anyone collaborating the Iranians. And if there was a border infraction, a simple escort out would have sent the message. Iran is ready to start a war because what they did was an act of war. And the only reason I can think that is the case is the fact the surge in Iraq might be working, and the Dems in America cannot surrender fast enough.

Those two activities are what have changed. The Dems funded the war for the foreseeable future (2008 funding will be picked up later this year so nothing for next year in the House Bill is binding) and the surge is building and working. One cannot help but note the desperate plea by al Qaeda recently for recruits to Jihad. They plea begged for people to join quickly. And this incident appears to be part of a recruitment escalation effort. Between the coordination of arms and explosives in Iraq, the training camps in Iraq and the coordinated tactics of Iran and al Qaeda it is clear we (and the world) should treat these two as now one and the same.

Thankfully, al Qaeda is making some serious mistakes. They are not fighting for the hearts of the Iraqis, they are attempting to demonstrate brutal control. Their only weapon is the suicide bomber and the majority of their victims are Iraqi Muslims. Today’s bomb attack on a police station doesn’t create a ground swell of support – it creates a backlash. And the Democrats have created one result, the Iraqis have regained their voice and are calling the Dems on their surrender plans. As the Iraqis shift from the naive idea of a quick coalition departure because the clear image of what that would bring is clarified by al Qaeda’s rampant killing, the dynamics are changing. It may have taken some time, but finally the Arab street in IRaq sees al Qaeda as worse than Saddam, and more and more nations are ready to isolate them and Iran – one of their remaining state allies.

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  1. Terrye says:

    I wonder if they thought this would help their cause somehow someway? Very strange, even for the Iranians.

  2. jimbo1 says:

    Not strange at all…Iran is a government of factions….with the IRGC being one of many…this was done because of the recent defections or kidnaps(whatever you choose to call them)…the IRGC lashed out to save face amongst the various factions.

  3. CatoRenasci says:

    It’s been a very long time since the Persians were a by-word for anything besides cruelty, fanaticism, tyranny, and duplicity. The Iranians are motivated and understand their interests differently than we do, which is the most ripe situation for a war: fruitful negotiations are usually only possible when the parties understanding of the facts and their respective interests overlap. When the parties disagree on the facts, but understand their respective interests adequately, it may still be possible, but when neither side understands the others interests and they disagree on the fundamental facts — as is the case with the Iranians — negotiations are useful only for buying time for one side or the other, or both.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    (2008 funding will be picked up later this year so nothing for next year in the House Bill is binding)

    Even if yesterday’s bill is non-binding, it’s still a good thing that the House Democrats pushed yesterday’s bill to passage. Why? Because this has become a public event for far more Americans to see and now believe how absurd these Democrats are.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Let me rephrase the question…

    since yesterday’s bill’s funding is non-binding, does it make the rest of the bill non-binding?

  6. crosspatch says:

    Of course this serves there interest. Iran makes an extra 2.5 million dollars a day for every dollar the price of oil rises on world markets. Iran needs cash to pay the Russians and for other things, they are a bit strapped right now. They can do something like this, spike the price of oil, make a few million extra bucks, and there is no down side for them. And they will do it again when they need a few extra bucks too.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Yikes, I just blew my own pet peeve … it should be “their interest” … sheesh.

  8. Carol_Herman says:

    Diplomacy is not a successful approach. It has NEVER been a successful approach! Even in the “able” hands of a Kissinger; or now? James Baker.

    What’s going on? The House of Saud wants a very big piece of real estate. And, Bush is Mickey Mouse. He can’t get to “give away” anything, either.

    So, he is stuck. And, we are going “nowhere.”

    Meanwhile, in Iraq? There’s a pretty good indication that Maliki knows he gets to keep a country IF he has more than one player at his side. So, Bush is lost. He’s also lost in Congress. Even if, there, too, things look “Mickey Mouse.”

    What’s not Mickey Mouse is the size of the pot of money. (But then, too, Disney knew that!)

    What’s ahead for Iraq? Well, it “could” split 3 ways. Meaning the Kurds go it, alone. And, are successful. While the terrorists among the arabs keep fighting. Their stakes are actually quite high. And, there’s little we can do about this.


    Right out of the box, we “forgot” to impose on the Iraqis a country they could run that had a MILITARY system of justice built in. And, an AMERICAN system of SECULAR POLITICS built throughout.

    We didn’t do it.

    Instead? We did the diplomatic pants dance … which really fails to bring justice. Or safe streets. To any particular country where this crlap is tried.

    And, we’ve got less than two years to go.


    Perhaps, the word “quagmire” got over-used? Because that’s how the UN operates! It’s always been a FAKE ORGANIZATION, with the ability to collect lots of money from many players. And, then distributes wealth at will.

    Will we learn?

    Well, to tell you the truth, I think “learning” is always ongoing. Though curves, sometimes, are very steep. And, lots of people are way too stupid to learn all that much.

    But “learning” it is. Because, here in the USA, we have factors that we don’t addrses. We have the elites who are in DC. And, who crapped all over our educational system. And, right now, want to over-take the military. Can they get there? Well, they don’t have a well-travelled road. They’ve had their own mishaps.

    And, along the way we are reduced to learning, still.

    While the biggest “hinge” still remains the mainstream. Bush can’t impressed the mainstream with diddley. Sure. At least he’s not as bad as Kerry and algore. Not as bad as the crap that loses money for hollyweird. But he’s no “American Idol,” either.

    And, it’s hardly likely in the intervening time; say, less than 18 months; Bush will even find his voice. GIVE UP HOPE, HERE.

    But the harms to the nation? Few. If at all. Since the steep learning curve has taught many Americans that affirmative action doesn’t work. CBS, for instance, will continue down the crapper. And, all the stories the media tries to provoke us with, FAILS.

    What does it all mean? It means that the body politic is infested. For some? There will be recoveries. And, for others? They’re ass-cracks caught the ladder to success. And, the higher they climb, the less likely you’ll see this ladder touching ground, in the future.

    Is this a bad thing?

    You’re kidding me?

    You mean you don’t notice all the technical stuff that got kaboshed, when it met reality? Times are always changing.

    And, if we’re lucky, the next President of the United States will be known to most of us in less than ten months time. Ah. And, he’s gonna run as the biggest son-of-a-bitch, ever! No pussy footing for him! So, the chorus of losers. And, the diplomatic pants dancers, will toodle off stage. And, in retrospect? We’ll also remember vaudeville.

    Still, there’s lots of talent out there. And, every day people figure out ways to get heard and seen, that goes beyond what the current “house fools” are dictating.

  9. AJStrata says:


    All funds committed through Sept 07 (and maybe Oct) are valid and binding. Everything beyond that is not necessarily binding (can be overwritten in the ’08 budget process).


  10. BarbaraS says:

    The capture of the British marines could be a try at UK’s veto to the sanctions. I doubt that will work. Another reason for the capture might be to demand the swap of the two defectors for the marines.

    What makes me so angry is that we could be drilling for oil in our own territory and not be dependent on the ME. The dems are stopping this and stopping the building of new refineries also. I don’t understand their reasoning. Sometimes I really wonder if the dems are in someone’s pocket. They deny efforts to free from obligation to the ME and they seeminly support the terrorists.

    And it’s because they have too many special interests in their party to govern properly. And all these special interests are in opposition to not only making this country safer but economically more prosperous also.