Mar 08 2007

A Moment From The Beach For Scooter Libby

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I want to thank all the guest bloggers holding down the fort here while LJStrata and I enjoy a wonderful Caribbean beach. I am taking a quick noon-time retreat from the sun and thought I would drop a note on the Libby verdict. I have to say I am surprised Libby was found guilty regarding the Plame/Wilson lies to a pliant media that turned into an abuse of prosecutorial power. It tells me our justice system is still being abused for political gain instead of serving to protect the people of this country. Fitzgerald can now join Starr and all the other useless “witch hunters” who have created one of the greatest travesties on our proud judicial system. So can Judge Walton who really should have shut this entire joke down. I don’t we as a nation can take anymore of these embarrassing show trails which pretend to represent the opposite of what they are. The person who was wronged by aggressive power plays was Libby. And the power mad people were not in the white house but were the prosecutors and the the Kerry Campaign and its CIA-connected lap dog. Kettle, meet pot. And a pox on all your houses. And liberals – remember what happened to the Reps with the Clinton impeachment. Americans are fed up with all this abuse.

Again, thanks to Harold, Seixon, Crosspatch and DJStrata for holding down the fort – great work.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    Because Libby, who as trying to set the record straight from what a proven liar had sad, couldn’t remember exactly three years prior, he goes to jail.

    Some facts courtesy of

    snip/”As the Washington Post’s Susan Schmidt reported on the findings of a bipartisan Senate intelligence committee report: (emphasis added) (via Instapundit)

    The panel found that Wilson’s report, rather than debunking intelligence about purported uranium sales to Iraq, as he has said, bolstered the case for most intelligence analysts. And contrary to Wilson’s assertions and even the government’s previous statements, the CIA did not tell the White House it had qualms about the reliability of the Africa intelligence that made its way into 16 fateful words in President Bush’s January 2003 State of the Union address.
    From a Washington Post editorial: (emphasis added)

    Mr. Wilson was embraced by many because he was early in publicly charging that the Bush administration had “twisted,” if not invented, facts in making the case for war against Iraq. In conversations with journalists or in a July 6, 2003, op-ed, he claimed to have debunked evidence that Iraq was seeking uranium from Niger; suggested that he had been dispatched by Mr. Cheney to look into the matter; and alleged that his report had circulated at the highest levels of the administration.

    A bipartisan investigation by the Senate intelligence committee subsequently established that all of these claims were false — and that Mr. Wilson was recommended for the Niger trip by Ms. Plame, his wife. When this fact, along with Ms. Plame’s name, was disclosed in a column by Robert D. Novak, “

  2. Dc says:

    First point: J Wilson was not a CIA analyst (despite his own ego).
    He was “debriefed”. The information from that debriefing was circulated within CIA..and it was found to be useful but did not add anything signfifcantly in regards to clarity to the issue. Some analysts (you know..the people actually hired by the CIA to do that sort of work), felt the admission by the former Nigerian offical that Iraqi’s approached him for what he assumed might be an attempt at yellowcake discussions was significant. Others pointed out that the possibility of such a sale would be nil…given the safe guards. In the end..the entire issue was not important part of anybodies theory as to why they assessed Saddam had a nuclear program. And because the report added little in way of clarity to the was circulated via normal channels, no special report was made nor delivered to any of the various agencies/offices requesting further clarification on it…and no further intelligence products were made from it.

    We found out later, that Plame had offered up Wilson 3 days before Chenny’s office sent their request for more clarification. It seems the state dept, among others, was first in requesting further information.

    But, wait..there’s more…..(see link above). They have just busted an illegal mining operation of uranium in congo that has evidently been selling uranium (sometimes in large quanities) for years. But, wait…that’s part of British intel So, the Briitish intelligence..that mines in congo that had been abandoned as non-productive..were being illegally mined and yellowcake sold internationally… not only well founded….and possible…it happens to be true. OUCH..that’s going to leave a mark!!