Mar 07 2007

Medved talks Coulter…

And he makes a lot of sense. Michael Medved is rapidly moving up my list. I don’t listen to talk radio – I generally have ruled out looking over what the pundits and talk show hosts say – largely because I’m not sure they really get it.

Medved, though, is rapidly proving to be the exception to this rule. He’s not been afraid to take on conservatives when they have peddled their North American Union conspiracy theories. Nor has he failed to stand up against the Buchanan-Tancredo “conservatives” who seem to be more interested in ideological purity than in either winning elections or solving the problems this country is facing. He’s taken a lot of flak for it, but I, for one, have a lot of respect for him for standing up for civility and doing the right thing.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    “BTW, there is nothing remotely mainstream about Ann Coulter.”

    Amen to that. And to be fair, I would also say that unless one is pretty well read and watches all the talking head shows (and remembers what one watched), one is going to miss her points on a lot of things too. Her sarcasm is often only appreciated by others who share her background knowledge of things. Often what she says is some reference to what she or someone else said and unless you are aware of that, you aren’t going to “get” it. This one went way over everyone’s head and appeared to be something quite different than what I think she intended.

  2. Bikerken says:

    Great post Carol!! This is exactly what I’m talking about. The thing that the ‘centrist’ republicans don’t get is that politics in America is becoming guerilla warfare. I’m not saying you have to get dirty to fight a dirty fighter but you sure as hell have to get tough and kick some ass! Smiling is not an appropriate reaction to getting kicked in the teeth.

    All of these people saying that we should welcome millions more mexicans into the country think that if the GOP panders to them, they will possibly vote republican. Give me a break! You are going to be real upset when those mexicans come up here and start voting in socialism! You can be as nice as you want to them, it doesn’t matter, they are not part of the American culture and they don’t see things the way we do! They will do what they can to get whatever they hell they want. That shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    They play hardball and we play marbles.

  3. PA. TONY says:

    AJ – I am kind of disappointed you brought in Hutch to quote Medved and the Captain. Two of his five posts are about an overblown old story . I hope not another Dean at Townhall . I cannot bear to go there and keep clicking him off. Hutch – I am sure Rush Limbaugh,who has close to five million listeners a day, is getting it. It is obvious that you get it from the New York Times.

  4. Aitch748 says:

    All this Sturm und Drang (among the commenters on Medved’s article) about Coulter being muzzled, and about “faggot” being a perfectly good word for a bunch of sticks, and about Coulter’s comment being a joke, and about people being a bunch of liberal PC bedwetters for thinking there’s anything wrong with what she said — all of this just makes me want to start cussing my head off.

    So here goes.

    I was going to have a few comments about the other Democratic candidate for President, Barack Obama, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘n*gger’ so I’m kind of at an impasse. I can’t really talk about Obama.

    And anybody who can’t deal with that is a p*ssy and a faggot and a c*cksucker. Conservatives need leadership in the war against leftists. That means they have to yell “faggot” a lot, and Ann Coulter is showing you metrosexuals the way. She’s got bigger balls than all the peterpuffers running for President combined. We need somebody with a peter big enough to screw the wetbacks all the way back to Mexico, so Ann’s our man.

    There. I posted that on the Medved thread. I wonder if the people over there will recognize it as satire and respond by calling me an asshole. 🙂

  5. crosspatch says:

    Also, most people only hear about Ann’s outlandish things. Here is a column published today that I believe everyone in America should read:

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    Actually, success speaks for itself.

    Mainstream is where you find the dollars. And, the success. (Outside of TV Evangelists, that is. Where they found their wealth on America’s couches.)

    Where Coulter succeeds, is that she’s able to attract audiences.

    While the nutroots on the left, caters to their own; you’ll notice no Coulter type emerges from their swamps.


    Well, there are those who think the mainstream is in the minority. And, they invoke privileges of “acceptance.” LUNATICS!

    As to Coulter, all you have to do is look. It will help you measure her success. Her calendar is filled with speaking engagements. And, of the BEST KIND! In other words? Coulter attracts her audiences from college campuses. Here, you’ll notice RUSSERT DOESN’T!

    NBC would give its eye-teeth to have a cult following among the young.

    You think she gets this because she tall, blond, and pretty? Well, the lie to that rumor would be hollywood, itself. There are plenty of girls that come from all over, to make it here. And, they fail. Having good looks gets ya a job in prostitution most of the time.

    Not one on easy street. With fame. And, fortune.

    Now, all of you know that at CPAC a bunch of conservatives got together to “have some fun.” Seems Coulter’s room delivered. And, then there were the politicians who spoke. Don’t think any marriage proposals came out of it, either.

    And, except for Howie Dean, no other politician has gained ground by appealing to the radical elements within the party. But, again, Dean’s success is not very likely to take hold in the mainstream, either.

    Most of you make mistakes if you think the mainstream eschews everything conservatives want. There’s really a lot of positions that will attract voters. When the turn off belongs to the religious nut bags. Cure yourselves of that? And, you’d find out why Ann Coulter is terrific. (She’s not shy about her positions.) She’s just FUNNY.

  7. Carol_Herman says:

    Gee. I’m glad I read John Fund’s article up at Drudge. Turns out this CPAC meeting was a bust. 6,300 conservatives, 15% from DC; came together and FOUND NOTHING.

    McCain didn’t show his face. Though he wanted a private room, without cameras, where he could glad-hand “some.” The Sheraton Hotel didn’t have a vacancy.

    Then? Well, 6,300 conservatives got to paw candidates that want MAINSTREAM VOTERS TO LIKE THEM! So there were no marriage proposals made. And, none accepted.

    Guiliani then came to California. And, in Brentwood (which should have been Hillary’s set), he was astounding. LOVED. Embraced. And, is at least set to capture California next February. Because Schwartzenegger is on board his train.

    Sometimes, you think a candidate has to go out, and earn each vote one by one. NOT TRUE. A candidate must have a vehicle (usually present in party politics), to get a lot of people are board ENTHUSED.

    So, to review. CPAC, McCain a no-show. And, even though Guiliani was out of his element, he came in close to Mitt. Who was really working this part of the room. Probably means Mitt ain’t gonna make it, either.

    By the way, BUSH NEVER WENT TO A CPAC meeting! He kept sending Cheney, though. Oh. There was one poll done among the 6,300. And, they all seem to miss Reagan. Since most are willing to identify with Reagan, now. 3% were willing to identify with Mr. Light In His Loafers, currently ensounced in the Oval Office. Where no sex of any kind takes place. Happy now?