Mar 04 2007


I’m Harold Hutchison. Regularly, I blog at Called as Seen, but I also have contributed to, a website covering military matters, among which is the war on terror.

I hope to do a good job with this, and add to a very good blog that AJ has created.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Welcome Harold, I don’t know anything about you so I went to called as seen and read about 10 of your posts and it’s not clear if you lean liberal or conservative(about like AJ) by those I read. That may be a good thing.

    I would like to disagree on two points I read:
    Ann Coulter is a hero of conservatives, she DID NOT call Edwards a faggot, she was only making a joke about people having rehab if they were politically incorrect. Edwards just happened to be her vehicle.
    That is a much milder comment than most BDS writers use in everyday language about the Pres. Are you outraged about that?

    The other point: The Repubs didn’t want an amnesty for all immigration bill as the Pres did, so they didn’t pass anything. That had about zip to do with the election results.
    The Repubs were unhappy that enough progress wasn’t being made fast enough in Iraq, the Dems weren’t happy because Bush hadn’t already surrendered in Iraq. That’s what lost the election.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Hi Harold! Welcome and thank you for filling in while AJ takes a well deserved break… from all of us here especially!

    I sure hope we are about to capture Bin Laden. Can you imagine what the defeatocrats will be saying? Nothing.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    “defeatocrats” Ivehadit, what an excellent word. Sure describes the far leftists.

  4. Terrye says:

    Hi Harold, you will do fine.

  5. Terrye says:


    Ann made it plain that she was implying that Edwards was a faggot and she was an idiot for doing it.

    The truth is I tolerate Ann Coulter. I do not like her and I vote Republican in spite of her. She is interested in one thing only: selling her books. I am sick of hearing people say it was funny and fine and cute for Ann to throw the faggot word around because the lefties are worse. Well of course they are, what is this a competition to see who can be the most offensive?

  6. MerlinOS2 says:


    Your interpretation but you got it wrong. She did the same line a month ago in the context Enforcement talked about.

    Read her words as you wish.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    Glad you’re guest blogging. I did not know about called as seen. I have RSS’ed to my list.

    I also liked Austin Bey posts his articles there and I do read his posts at his own site. He has some really interesting writings of late.