Feb 28 2007

Did Litvinenko And Berezovsky Support Chechyan Terrorists?

I always wondered why the Chechen terrorists, just a day after Litvinenko died, named him a martyr for the Chechen cause. It was one of the indicators that Litvinenko was more likely smuggling Po-210 to Putin’s enemies than being the target of a Po-210 armed Putin assassin. How a Russian could become a Muslim martyr while living in London. Quite impressive. Now it seems there may be first hand knowledge out of Chechnya of Berezovsky’s personal hand (with Litvinenko) in allying with those trying to topple Putin and the Russian government:

Reporters Without Borders voiced scepticism today about a claim made by Chechnya’s acting President Ramzan Kadyrov at a news conference in Grozny on 20 February that Boris Berezovsky (a Russian businessman and former politician now living in exile in Britain) ordered the murders of journalist Anna Politkovskaya and former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko.

Kadyrov claimed that he was personally present at meetings at which Berezovsky compromised himself and that Berezovsky, aided by Litvinenko, had financed Chechen separatist fighters with the aim of destroying Russia.

Now that is a serious claim. And I suppose it could be backed up with something to give it some credibility (or it could be bluster – I am well aware of the Russian use of the press). But it seems there is another person who backs this up:

Izmayilov said he knew who had made a statement accusing Berezovsky – an individual known as “Pirate” who has been involved in hostage-trafficking in Chechnya and who is under pressure from the secret services.

I would not be surprised, if this is in fact true, there is a sea of evidence pointing towards this scenario. You cannot move money without traces. All you can do is try and move it without it being noticed. But once people have an inkling something is afoot, they can look at the records, look at the sources, destinations and hops in between, and find the money trails. Once the light is shone, the trail becomes quickly evident.

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3 Responses to “Did Litvinenko And Berezovsky Support Chechyan Terrorists?”

  1. Soothsayer says:


    When the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan – the Muslim freedom fighters were the good guys – so we armed them and sent them $$$ – until the Russians left – and then the Muslims became the bad guys – some of them forming the Taliban – and others (bin Laden) forming al-Qaeda – and now the former Soviets are the good guys – including Putin – a former KGB thug – whose soul Bush plumbed and declared good – and so now the Chechens are the bad guys – for fighting the Russians – nicht wahr?

  2. Carol_Herman says:

    If so? Then they supported the LOSING side. Putin won it. Russia has “contained” the menace. Yes. After being dogged by failure.

    While, we? On the other hand, have confused the successful drug trade with our war in Afghanistan. A VERY BAD IDEA! Since you can’t shove thousands of years of history down the drain.

    In any event the drug trade won’t go away. And, the stinky stans still are.

  3. Soothsayer says:

    In any event the drug trade won’t go away.

    Keep in mind, Carol, that in May 2001, George Bush sent a check for $41,000,000,000.00 to the Taliban for their support in supressing opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. Some of those dollars may have funded the 9/11 hijacking.