Feb 26 2007

Chasing The Almighty Euro, At All Costs

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It seems the UK had plans to restrict the Frankenstein monster of hybrid human-animal creations, but the desire for money trumped common sense:

Plans to outlaw the creation of human-animal hybrid embryos for potentially life-saving stem cell research are to be dropped after a revolt by scientists.

The proposed government ban on fusing human DNA with animal eggs, which promises insights into incurable conditions such as Alzheimer’s and motor neuron disease, will be abandoned because of concerns among senior ministers that it will damage British science.

First off, stem cells cannot cure Alzheimers. Second, anything scientists need to do to learn about DNA and stem cells can be performed on animals, especially primates. The mechanisms in animals are identical in many cases to other animals, especially mammals. That is why vertibrae, muscles, nerves, etc all work basically the same way. When dealing with primates you are dealing with beings over 95% identical to humans. You don’t need human-animal abominations to find out how to unlock the secrets of stem cells.

The fact UK scientists fail to understand this tells me they have lost their edge already. Face it, the underlying drive was to make money selling cures. That is always how you save ‘science’. The question is: do we establish some ethical boundaries in the quest for fame and fortune, or do we succumb to those who would consume our young like some primitive animals?

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  1. The Macker says:

    The Nazis also had good “laboratory skills.” But contempt for human life has no redeeming value.

  2. The Macker says:

    This is a result of a conscious refusal to acknowledge our uniqueness as a species. By intellectually relegating humankind to the status of phenomena, the last ethical barriers to experimentation are removed.