Feb 19 2007

Americans Want To Win In Iraq – Not “End” The War

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H/T to Powerline for this very welcomed poll that is supporting a scathing IBS editorial pointing out how most Americans not only want to win in Iraq – they believe we can win! In fact, that view is increasing in popularity

How hopeful are you we will succeed?

Response 02/07 [12/06]
Very 35% [29%]
Somewhat Hopeful 23% [31%]
Not Very 21% [20%]
Not at all 19% [17%]

I’ll do the math for the liberals: 58% positive, 40% negative. If traction is made in Iraq by the surge, then these numbers will get worse for the Dems. Much worse. No supports a quitter (or party of quitters). And no one works their tails off, volunteers and donates money so American can lose to al Qaeda. So when you hear Hillary and the Dems say they want to ‘end’ the war, simply say “we prefer we win it”.

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9 Responses to “Americans Want To Win In Iraq – Not “End” The War”

  1. dgf says:

    Way to Go, AJ! I always suspected that you weren’t a native speaker of English. Apparently you don’t know what “hopeful” means. I expect that there are quite a few folks who are “hopeful” that the US will succeed in Iraq, but who don’t believe that it is likely. There’s a couple in my house alone (and maybe one or two in yours, too).

    Give Berlitz a try, babe.

  2. lassoingtruth says:

    Could it be that the reason this poll doesn’t jibe with the average of several more prominent polls taken in the past month, is the appeal to that latent superficial American optimism thru the “somewhat hopeful,” ambiguity seized on by Strata as “belief” we can win?

    Hopeful is a weasel word and the effective insurgent police station attack today killing two and wounding seventeen, last I checked, is,
    ummm, less ambiguous.

  3. lassoingtruth says:

    ***Hopeful is a weasel word pl;aying to the superficial American optimism. The insurgent attacks today are less ambigious,
    killing five wounding seventeen last I checked.***

  4. dennisa says:

    AJ – How do you deal with the professional smartasses that post on your blog. These people seem to excel at being both nasty and negative all at the same time.

  5. TomAnon says:

    Where is Ned Lamont?

  6. BarbaraS says:

    I don’t think we can win in Iraq. I know we can. We just have to quit fooling around and just win the damn thing. This catch and release garbage is stupid. All that means our soldiers will have to fight these guys again. Anyone seen with a gun needs to be shot. It makes no sense to fight a war in such a benevolent fashion.

    What I really hate about liberals is the snarky attitude they have. They are always trying to make us feel stupid. Unfortunately for them the only ones who come off looking stupid is themselves.

  7. Terrye says:

    If people say they are hopeful that means they have hope, they do not believe that all is lost. And this poll is not so different from the polls which show that only about 15% want to withdraw immediately. The other day CBS of all places came out with a poll which stated that about 57% said they believed we should give the surge a chance to work and that might well take 6 months.

    Now the leties prefer questions like would you rather see a war or peace in Iraq and when most people say peace, the lefties say SEE! We told you, people don’t want war…They want sunshine and flowers and happy endings. These folks say the righties live in a fantasy, but the truth is they are the ones who are in a dream land.

  8. Terrye says:

    And I think AJ should ban a couple more trolls, in fact sometimes I wonder if they are really the same guy with different IPs. They don’t want to discuss or debate, they are just abusive.

  9. ivehadit says:

    I agree, Terrye, they are not posting in good faith here.

    But they can be entertaining and they let us see what the deranged ones think…if any of us cares…:)