Feb 08 2007

Did North Korea Just Blink?

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We have seen North Korea dangle hope of a solution to their nuclear threat only to enjoy snatching it back again. The news NK is prepared to discuss dismantling their nuclear program was delivered in a belligerent tone. That could be their way of saving face as they finally back down to pressure from the six nations Bush pulled together to work this issue. Or it could be another useless dance. But if this is for real, then it would be a major success for Bush. With that said, it would be safe to say NK may be doing another head fake in the hopes they can delay until another Democrat is elected in 2008, and they can get back to working with the Islamo Fascists to topple America.

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One Response to “Did North Korea Just Blink?”

  1. crosspatch says:

    Stories like this one might have something to do with it too. Looks like the NorKs are starting to lose control of the people.

    Looks like a mass breakout from a NorK concentration camp and an organized underground in the country smuggling the people out to China.