Jan 19 2007

More Democrat Idiocy – Defending Iran’s Killing Of Our Troops

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Democrats are on a tear today. First they have pledged to help terrorists in detention and shield them from interrogation by giving the lawyers and constitutional status in our courts (even though it is our Constitution that is what Bin Laden and al Qaeda want destroyed). In essence they are protecting our enemies from our government. Now they want to protect Iran from reprisal no matter how many US soldiers they help kill in Iraq:

Democratic leaders in Congress lobbed a warning shot Friday at the White House not to launch an attack against Iran without first seeking approval from lawmakers.

“The president does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran without first seeking congressional authorization,” Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told the National Press Club.

The administration has accused Iran of meddling in Iraqi affairs and contributing technology and bomb-making materials for insurgents to use against U.S. and Iraqi security forces.

So the Democrats are now trying to throw a protective shield around Iran – no matter what the circumstances. If Iran launched a military strike against US and Iraqi forces the Dems are saying Bush cannot respond until the Dems talk it over? While that bit of wishful thinking is fairly ignorant of the separation of powers, it is now clear the dems are willing to protect Iran as it kills our troops. When did all those dems get lobotamized?

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  1. scaulen says:

    I guess Reid forgets the President doesn’t need the authorization of any one to send the Marines in. But if he wants to protect one of the Axis of Evil countries then maybe he should be investigated for ties back to them?

    Now for some nit picking, since when is President, as in President of the US, spelled with a lower case “p”? I know the president of a college is, but not the President of the US. I see it being un capitilized more often every day.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Something the media has been good at doing so far is to cause people to lose sight of perspective. Remember that 80% of the violence is in 5 districts of Baghdad. At the same time, the civilian death count has been pretty much the sole progress indicator used by the media.

    The media has ignored the progress of the other 80% of Iraq outside of Baghdad and Anbar. They ignore the improving security situation, the resurgence of the economy, the improvement of the Iraqi Dinar, quality of life improvements such as villiages having treated water, treated waste and electricity that never had them before. They ignore the return of the marshes in Southern Iraq. They ignore the massive increase in schooling of children due to the building of schools in towns and villiages where none existed before. They ignore the increases in electric power generation allowing small shops and businesses to remain open after dark and the resurgence of agriculture in many areas. One interesting resurgence is in the production of dates. All of this is ignored by our media who concentrate only on daily death counts and “grim milestones”.

    The surge of violence in Baghdad was a result of US forces turning security for the capital over to the Iraqi police who apparently had a field day going on a killing spree across the capital. Police officers acted as agents of the various militias that the recruits were aligned with.

    Note that this could have possibly been accomplished without a “surge”. We could have simply pulled troops in from other areas of Iraq into Baghdad and settled things down there. But the cost of that would have been slowing down the training and security functions those people were doing in the other areas. But injecting more troops into Baghdad without leaving the other areas, the forces in the other areas can continue their training missions and attack groups and individuals who may try to flee Baghdad during the crackdown.

    My instincts tell me that this actually has a very good chance of working. And the media are going to need to come up with some other progress indicator besides simple body counts when those counts begin to drop.

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    We’re doing fine in Iraq. The people don’t hate us.

    As a matter of fact, most of the Middle Easterners who give their right arms to come to America. (A recent article popped up, written by an American leaving Tehran. He said as he approached to board his flight out, an official came up to him and said “step outside.” Yes. The man was terrified. Just like the media assumes Americans get terrified by Mideasterner types. But ya know what? The official just wanted help in getting a visa to get to America!) Remember this. We don’t have an embassy in iran that is issuing visas. And, MOST PEOPLE are going crazy at what the Ayatollahs have done!)

    This is also duplicated in Vietnam. TODAY, Americans are NOT hated! Even there, the PEOPLE would love it, if we “only came back in. And, they could do business with us.) Over time, the vietnamese have learned the chinese have screwed them in every which way that could get done. Leaving the vietnamese to suffer. Without America’s help, countries GO BACKWARDS!

    We just do not have enemies in the streets. But go an try to pass this information along a corrupted trail. Where the media moguls take money from the HOUSE OF SAUD.

    Is the HOUSE OF SAUD in trouble? YES! The sunnis, in Iraq, are not liked! (They also excluded themselves from government. And, did just about everything they could to make more enemies for themselves.)

    Sadr? A tool of Tehran. But check this out. IN iran the people are pissed off at their own leadership.

    You may think this makes it easy for despots. But it doesn’t. Comes a time these despots get airbrushed out of the pictures.

    While maliki is DESPERATELY trying to hold onto his own powers in Iraq’s parliament. Just to review these current events, only elites got to run for office. While many iraqis put their full faith into the elections. AND, just like people all over, they’re gonna be voting, again.

    Heck, ini 1776 Americans “tested” their new form of government, and FOUND IT LACKING. So, the learning curve for democracy, even in the best of times, goes through management crisis.

    And, Maliki NEVER had even 40% backing! He’s probably as good as a cooked goose gets. But he’s also shifty. And, he can read the environment’s “winds.” While the iraqi people were (and still are), being put through the ringer by both militia factions; coming to do terror.

    The people in Iraq DO NOT TRUST THEIR OWN POLICE. Keep this in mind. And, arabs, by general nature, do a lot of business with BRIBES. (You think uncle sugar is short on cash?) Not even here are we failing.

    That our election cycle, leading into November, gave the creeps some room? Sure. It did. But it hurt the PEOPLE! Who are well-aware they do not want to be controlled by persians!

    The Kurds also have their own horses in this race.

    So “hold your horses.”

    The donks have managed to harm themselves more than you know!

    Because we’re now some distance from november. Where they won seats by LYING. By saying they were adopting Blue Dog philosophies. While they wasted perfectly good opportunities on CRAP!

    You think hillary is the only piece of crap that goes undigested? Kerry’s still stuck up “that ass.” And, all the petunias, who run to the public spotlight, don’t get much in return. They get mentioned?

    Go ahead. Mention Jennifer Annison. See if spreading money on her gives her, besides the leading role, the capacity for the investors in her films of coming out of the red. (They don’t.)

    Why do mistakes get made, you may want to ask?

    Has something to do with levels of competency.

    And, what happens when you really don’t have brains running your organization. All you have are mafia types. Who can’t hear the words beyond “yes.” And, they hire whole crews to deliver these “yes’s” to them, like pizza.

    If this were an operation where you’d invest money (let alone your life’s savings), be wise. Invest elsewhere.

  4. the good doctor says:

    You can scream all these horrible things to the world but the average american watches 15 minutes of news at night and the msm is twisting all . They are making the dems like this champions and their 10o hour agenda like the defendors of our democracy. All this while Bush sits in the white house and says nothing. He should have done all these changes and initiatives a long……time ago.

  5. Terrye says:

    I think Reid needs to go take a Civics class. The Commander in Chief does not need his permission. If it is true that he does, then why doesn’t Congress call all the troops home and surrender right now? Because in spite of all their crap…they do not have that authority. The founding fathers made sure of that. They had the experience during the days of the Continental Congress of members trying to fight a war and it was a disaster.

  6. Terrye says:

    Bush is not just sitting in the White House saying nothing.

  7. Carol_Herman says:

    There’s no need for Bush to talk. You get the best details from Tony Snow, anyway. Who fields the White House press’ idiotic questions.

    As to donks, you can’t even say “ALL.” Because NOT all these clowns are traveling companions.

    I’ll bet ya when it comes to the details of getting anything passed, Bush could, if Beldar is right, just take out his VETO pen.

    Who knows what’s in store? FATE doesn’t tell us anything about the future, no matter how much we like to guess.

    But so far the one thing the donks can’t do is make better inroads with the People. You could consider how many people enjoy calling themselves “democrats,” for instance. Sure. You could separate out black from white. But the President appeals to way more Americans than the donks in Congress can count.

    And, many politicians don’t want to lose their jobs.

    A few? They seek the limelight. And, of those, if you looked into their pockets, you’d see SAUDI money. Which means only a few politicians can survive on muslem votes.

    While most Americans aren’t all that upset. If you think “iraq” vibrates out there, then you probably think our economy is tanking. Even if your name isn’t Chicken Little. Most people aren’t buying into the belief that our world is flat. Or that the sky is falling. Or that “man” is responsible for global warming. Those are just media meme’s.

    While many iraqis are scared to death that we’d even think of leaving! They don’t see themselves as wanting what Siagon got when we left Vietnam.

    And, maliki? He doesn’t even have 40% support! Nor are there any great displays in the streets of Baghdad, calling for Americans to leave.

    In Lebanon? Well, there, they have some problems. Because a few bullies (in terms of a measure against the whole population), have enscounced themselves in tents. And, businesses can’t open. This has gone on for weeks! But even here, Saniora still has his office.

    I guess in Lebanon, the few tricks which American police use; where permits say you can’t squat. Or live in tents. Traffic has to move. There are places on this earth still painting banners, hoping for the photographers to come along. They like being on TV. But you have to be pretty stupid to think “being on TV” frightens people who own guns.

    That arabs are lazy? Yes. That lots of their “yoots” are unemployed? Yes. That this “could be” a bigger problem for all those stinking Mideast despots? You bet!

    While the media keeps doing the same things it was doing back in the 1970’s. You’d be surprised, but most people have moved on. And, those “fashions” don’t seem to be coming back in waves, either.

    Heck, in Vietnam, today, there are citizens who are furious at the CHINESE! They learned the hard way.

    The Iraqis aren’t looking to learn the hard way.

    As to the HOUSE OF SAUD, maybe they’d learn that Bush didn’t bail out Ken Lay. And, for Ken Lay to save what he stole, he had to commit suicide. Lucky for him, I guess, that there’s a rule that states he had “appeals” that don’t get erased until he steps foot in jail. He chose to step into a casket, instead.

    The HOUSE OF SAUD seems to have caught on, somehow; that it was wise to pull Turki out of DC. Can you imagine any other diplomat exiting without pants-dancing parties? He did.

    Bush, it seems, is a man who can’t be bought.

    Unlike the donks. Who get to display their hyenas. (Those are the guys who get the limelight.) You think I care?

    Giving the donks this privilege is on par with starring Jennifer Annison in films. (Hint. THEY DON’T SELL TICKETS.)

    Gee, even Barnum knew you wanted the suckers to BUY TICKETS!

    Iraq is actually going swimmingly. Our troops are hurt less in Iraq, than average motorists just toodling along our highways. Where deaths also happen.

    In iraq, however, there are still things that explode. And, their police aren’t trusted. Not my problem. And, not Bush’s problem, either. However, maliki probably won’t become “dictator” any time soon. And, he, like a lot of donks, will need to hire experts who teach those who lose their jobs, how to get other ones.

    You didn’t know there was such a field?

    You can’t do a lot of things with a piece of paper. Including you can’t just get hired because you can fashion a one-page resume.

    Lots of people still buy lottery tickets, though. I guess if you lose a buck a week for no reason, you can get addicted to doing brainless things. But, at least we live in a world where people, here, are still free to choose. Iraq’s one of the best wars we’ve ever had! And, it’s a great training ground. It’s also a place where “fly paper” attracts the scum of “unemployed yoots.” All those dudes who want to be martyrs? Why we’re gonna help em.

    If you think there’s a down side, you’ve been fooled.

  8. dennisa says:

    You have to remember, A.J., that most Dems firmly believe, and have succeeded to some extent in making other people believe, that the real enemy is Bush.

  9. crosspatch says:

    That is true to some extent. They are convinced that Bush stole the 2000 election from Gore and have been determined to do just exactly what they have been doing ever since.

    Remember that just before 9/11 they were trying to pin the “tech bust” economic downturn on him, even though that had started in March of 2000, months before the election.

    9/11 and our success in Afghanistan really set back their plans. Then they set Bush up for Iraq. They were all behind him until practically the moment the troops crossed the border and then they turned on him. It’s their “payback” for losing 2000.

  10. The Macker says:

    And they are even trying to portray Afghanistan as a failure.

  11. crosspatch says:

    Yes, I first heard the term “quagmire” brought up two weeks into Afghanistan. I about fell off the couch laughing.

  12. Terrye says:

    Well when Bush leaves office and bad stuff keeps happening they will have to find someone else to blame it all on.

  13. Bill's Bites says:

    Dems Honor 2 More Promises To Al Qaeda…

    Democrat Political Suicide – Ally With Our EnemiesA J Strata With their poll numbers tanked and American seeing the Democrats as hopelessly lost (relative to the important issues of the day), the last thing the Dems should do is stretch…

  14. the good doctor says:

    Dems are bitter and resentful people . Look at the moron lady in the weather channel.If you are a meteorologist who don’t agree with global warming theory you should be removed from the scientific community. I still remember when we were going to freeze to death.Look at Reid talking about ethics when him and his sons are so corrupt. Pelosi the grandmother who is for free standing abortion who will kill your kids but not hers. Gore is an absolute failure and he is grasping at anything just to be relevant.
    All this is happening and the leader of the reps( Bush) is doing nothing to combat all these lies. He is turned into an appeaser. Yes, he is sitting in the White House doing nothing.

  15. ivehadit says:

    Nope, he is not sitting in the White House doing nothing. Wrongo.

    George W. Bush will be seen as one of the best, if not the best President we have ever had. He has led *both* parties to higher ground…We all have alot to learn from this humble and great man.

  16. wiley says:

    Well, the media is stacked against Bush, but I do believe the WH communications team is woeful. Bush would be in better standing if they would get out in front of some stories and do better job at explaining or articulating decisions & policy.

    That said, it really is disappointing at how bitter & hateful the dems & libs are against Bush and our country. The fact that they would prefer to see us fail in Iraq is all you need to know. And Iraq — it’s maddening in this ADD sound-bite news environment that we’re expected to have total success in 3 months, 6 months, whatever. I believe that we already have accomplished a great deal, even if Iraq does descend into a real civil war (I’m optimistic that won’t happen). The real guage of success won’t be known for 10, 15 years or more.

  17. the good doctor says:

    I think Snow is so over rated….He starting to sound like a candidate for something. Wiley is correct. They could get in front of so many stories before the msm explain it to the mases ie. distorted to the mases.