Jan 06 2007

Showdown With Iran

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A nuclear armed Iran is not something the world can literally live with. If you look at my posts on Iranian nukes, you find that as far back as 2005 I felt the signs where there for There have been a lot of indications “on the ground” that the West is preparing to deal with Iran and the nuclear desires. There have been an increased number of naval vessels in the area. The talk of an Iraq ‘surge’ of troops could accomplish removing pressure from a very major source of the fighting in Iraq – Iranian backed forces and material. And Ralph Peters notes another obvious indication that time is running out on Irans dangerous game:

WORD that Adm. William Fallon will move laterally from our Pacific Command to take charge of Central Command – responsible for the Middle East – while two ground wars rage in the region baffled the media.

Why put a swabbie in charge of grunt operations?

There’s a one-word answer: Iran.

ASSIGNING a Navy avia tor and combat veteran to oversee our military operations in the Persian Gulf makes perfect sense when seen as a preparatory step for striking Iran’s nuclear-weapons facilities – if that becomes necessary.

While the Air Force would deliver the heaviest tonnage of ordnance in a campaign to frustrate Tehran’s quest for nukes, the toughest strategic missions would fall to our Navy. Iran would seek to retaliate asymmetrically by attacking oil platforms and tankers, closing the Strait of Hormuz – and trying to hit oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates.

Only the U.S. Navy – hopefully, with Royal Navy and Aussie vessels underway beside us – could keep the oil flowing to a thirsty world.

Makes a lot of sense. Iran’s leaders are not just unstable, they seem prepared to martyr their entire country for the cause of Islam. Ahmedinejad has delusions of being in touch with the last prophet before Armeggedon. He has promised the end of Israel and the West. Iran’s armies include an army of terrorists who could disperse nuclear weapons to any point on the earth. Our intelligence states clearly that Iran is more of a threat than Saddam’s Iraq allied with Al Qaeda. Iran’s leaders must be taken at thier word that they plans to bring on the class of civilizations which will leave Islamo Fascists to rule the world. He is not kidding and neither are the Mad Mullahs.

This is a repeat of the Iraq situation on steroids. Warnings and diplomatic offers have been pushed for years now. The WMD capability is there and so are the ties to an army of terrorists throught the region. And like Iraq, a very simple and easy solution awaits Iran’s acceptance, while that nation instead threatens everyone they can think of. Time is running out on Iran and the Islamo Fascists. And if they do not reverse course, which they won’t, waiting for them to finish arming themselves so they can attack us is not an option. No government can allow a cear threat to their people to grow. Iran is a clear and present and groing danger. They say so themselves.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Do we have to bring the border thing into a discussion of Iran. i think the right screwed themselves on this by refusing any kind of compromise in spite of the fact that two thirds of the country wanted one. No, they had to go over board and become hysterical and go off on some rant about Bush trying to give the southwest away because he had not built a wall.

    Of course none of the previous 42 presidents built a wall either, but that does not count.

    And then the Democrats win the midterm and the Republican house members who refused a compromise might well end up nothing…and we have the feckless Pelosi and Reid running Congress.

    Well that it what is called shooting yourself in the foot.

    Now the subject at hand is Iran and the religious fanatics that run that country. If Carter had dealt with the Mullahs in 79, we might have avoided this. The ascent of Hezbellah, the take over in Lebanon, the slaughter of our Marines there, the radicalization of the Shia might not have happened. But no, he did not deal with it.

    So let’s concentrate on this and not go off on some totally unnecessary and weird rant about how the real enemy is the Mexican who means to invade the country by way of the roofing industry and fruit picking and who will destroy America and all it stands for. The American people have made it plain they think this is crazy talk. So let’s hope for a compromise that deals with the problem incrementally and concentrate on the head hackers instead of the landscapers.

    BTW, it is not necessary to be an illegal alien to break the law. There are plenty of American born citizens breaking laws every day. That argument does not make a lot of sense and has nothing to do with anything.

  2. Right Truth says:

    Sunday Reading List…

    The Iranian Who Seeks An Apocalypse at Freedom’s Zone: Michael Burleigh’s commentary at Telegraph.co.uk offers some chilling facts about Iran’s president: {…} One person we will be hearing much about in 2007 will be Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He’s the …

  3. AJStrata says:

    Sorrry Splif Head -maybe you should have exercised some self control. I really hate waking up to look at comments and finding scum postings from people who are afraid of differences of opinion and respond with childish insults. You are outta here.

  4. conesplif says:

    So, AJ, are you agreeing that

    It is now more dangerous to live in the US than to be on the front lines in Iraq.

    Doesn’t say much for the ability of the Bush Admisntration to keep Americans safe, does it?

  5. robert lewis says:

    Can anyone explain how this whole outta here deal works??

  6. For Enforcement says:

    Why do you ask? Seems pretty straight forward to me.

  7. For Enforcement says:

    Besides, you’re very familiar with it now that I know who you are. French guys can’t hide their translation problems very well.

  8. robert lewis says:

    French guys can’t hide their translation problems very well.

    It must be very strange for you living in the non-reality based community, Mr. Enforcement, sir, “now that you know who I am”.

  9. For Enforcement says:

    You don’t hide your identity very well. You were identified after about your second post. You do still remember your previous incarnations don’t you? I do.