Jan 05 2007

Al Qaeda Fish In A Barrel

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The Somalia debacle for Al Qaeda continues. It seems some 3500 Al Qaeda fighters are trapped in a corner of Somalia with the US Navy off the coast and the Somali and Ethiopian forces advancing on them. I would hope we find a whole new crop of enemy combatants to question at GITMO. Should be like shooting fish ain a barrel. That will be 3500 fewer Islamo Fascists trying to take over the world and kill innocent people.

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  1. patrick neid says:

    i’d just shoot them. don’t waste the food.

  2. crosspatch says:

    I believe Ethiopia has been executing foreign prisoners in the field. In today’s press environment, that is a much safer way to deal with the problem. The press has actually created a situation where it is easier to simply shoot prisoners than to keep them.

  3. momdear1 says:

    And they say W is stupid. He can’t do anything to fight a winning war because our domestic traitors, the Dem. Party oppositionists and thier allies in the MSM are ready to jump on him and flog him mercilessly with their “just like Hitler”, “great Satan” , and Evil Bush” propaganda campaigns. But like Reagan before him, Bush has outwitted them. Since our GIs are required to participate in a politically correct altercation where they are warned not to hurt anyone and can’t take their guns out of their holsters without being bombarded with severe criticisms and charges of war crimes, the next best thing is to arm, train, and assist a protected minority to do the necesssary dirty work. Kudos to the Ethiopians who know how to fight to win. Kill all enemy combatants and let Allah sort them out. As history has repeatedly shown, that is the only way to win a war.

    If we had allowed our GI’s to fight like they have been trained to fight, instead of restricting who they can shoot and what property is off limits to fire upon regardless if insurgents are inside shooting at them, they would have finished this war in Iraq years ago and we would be talking about an occupying force instead of our guys sitting there like clay pigeons, picked off out one at a time. I, for one, think that we should destroy every mosque being used as an arsenal or sanctuary by the enemy. Muslims, not just militant Islamists, are burning and destroying churches, Synagogues, Temples etc on a daily basis. There is not one Islamic Country which does not have a law forbidding the Rebuilding, Repairing, or upgrading of any Christian church that is damaged or destroyed. . When they burn a Christian Church it is gone and nobody is allowed to replace it. So why are we walking on eggs for fear of damaging one of their “Holy Sites” which is a front for a military installation?

    The biggest travesty that is being foisted off onto the American People is that our tax money is going to rebuild that “Golden Mosque” which the Sunni Muslims blew up. Muslims do not rebuild churches which their malcontents destroy. Since all Muslims (not just the bad ones) have sworn to convert or kill all of us, when they kill each other is means there are thay many less that we are going to have to deal with. So when they engage inmutual extermination of our enemies we shoud back of and let them do their thing.

    Do I like the way W is fighting this war in Iraq? No! But my criticism is that he is not doing enough to eliminate the enemy. I just hope there are more “Ethi opians’ in training to do what our GI’s are forbidden to do.

  4. crosspatch says:


    The thing is that our troops did fight and win the war. Saddams army was defeated in just a few weeks. What our military is being asked to do now is a different mission. Basically they are performing a paramilitary police function.

    It is my opinion that we need a new branch of the military to perform this function because the skillsets are so different. We need an Army and Marine Corps that can go in, defeat a more conventional military force and initially hold the ground but we need a different kind of force that can go in behind them and handle a sustained low-intensity aftermath. Not only do the roles require different skillsets, they are probably psychologically incompatible roles for the people performing them.

  5. clarice says:

    I read that 2 of the “foregin fighters” killed by the Ethiopians in Somalia had US passports. Something to think about.