Jan 05 2007

Al Qaeda Getting Desperate

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Al Qaeda’s punishing defeat in Somalia has Al Qaeda emitting desperate communiques filled with enough spin to make a DC politician sit up in admiration – at the pure gall of the claims:

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahri made the call in an audio tape posted yesterday on a web site used by Islamist militants and al-Qaeda-linked groups.

“As happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, when the world’s strongest power was defeated by the campaigns of the mujahideen troops going to heaven, so its slaves shall be defeated on the Muslim lands of Somalia,” al-Zawahri said. He said Muslims in Somalia must ambush, mine, raid and (carry out) martryrdom campaigns so that they can wipe them out. “The Jihadists should liberate the infidels from the Muslim land (Somalia),” the Sheik said.

As it happened in Iraq and Afghanistan? While the liberal Western media is easily duped (let me count the ways) most people find this laughable. Al Qaeda again claims success in the face of utter defeat. And they expose their impotence (they have no army) by begging for any rag tag group of wannabe martyrs to rush to Somalia and start killing people at a pace that doesn’t match one month of highway accidents here in the US. Contrary to media hype, Al Qaeda is slowly and continously losing in Iraq. The Iraq government controls more and more of Iraq every month and the while the media keeps tabs on the US death tolls (in their ghoulish obsession) the fact is the numbers of martyrs that have gone to Allah dwarfs the casualty levels on our side (and by ‘our’ I mean US and Iraqi government forces – the ones representing the democratic governments of Iraq and America).

Contrary to liberal mythology, there is not an endless supply of mindless, desperate people for Al Qaeda to draw upon. The regions of Iraq and Afghanistan that are peaceful are also showing people the kind of lives available to those who step up and run their own affairs. The culture shock must be immense to see how well people are doing in those areas, as others are ravaged by malcontents who have nothing but blood and defeat to offer. Al Qaeda is losing and Somalia was the latest indication that the Islamic Fascists have not stomach for a real battle. The reality will over take the propaganda. It takes time, but it is happening. Al Qaeda has lost ground and sacrificed tens of thousands in the process. And now they cannot even muster a resistance but must beg for volunteers.

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