Dec 22 2006

The Money Trail On Litvinenko

A lot of people here who adhere to the theory that the Litvinenko incident was an assassination and not a smuggling effort have queried where is the money trail. It is clear a money trail will be the nail in the coffin for those thought to be involved with this incident because it is as clear an indicator of motive as one can find. So here is a glimpse into the money trail and it would, as much of the evidence to date has shown, not seem to reflect an assassination but look more like a smuggling effort:

A business partner of Shvets’, Karon von Gerhke-Thompson, believes Litvinenko got caught up in a web of double agents and crime that cost him his life. Investigators working on the case say they have “never seen so much money” being transferred in the intelligence business, she said.

Assassinations do not come out of ‘webs’, but smuggling nuclear contraband and a coup d’etat requires a web of coordinated organizations and people. I should also note that as the dosage Litvinenko apparently absorbed has shrunken in size, that has actually reduced the probability this was an assassination effort AND that the fatal dose was administered on Nov 1st.

I would strongly suggest people look over the comments in this previous post because the discussions there show that the Litvinenko could have been poisoned a week or two earlier than first suspected, given the time it took for his radiation poisoning symptoms to truly surface. The hair loss alone could be the indicator that Litvinenko was exposed over many weeks to the Polonium 210 and not in one massive dose as initially believed.

Also, the fact that Thallium was present in Litvinenko is another indication this was not a state run effort because the material doesn’t look to be industrial quality Polonium-210 but a cruder product that can be created in many nuclear facilities. Like those found in Iran and North Korea. I am hoping the readers who have been assessing this incident from a chemistry angle, along with those who are medical practitioners, will be helping to lay out a new picture based on the latest understanding of the material found in Litvinenko. I said many times his case would be the first in modern times to show how Polonium 210 kills (which is why I have had my doubts from day one anyone would chose the material as a weapon of assassination – it has been unproven until now).

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  1. Gotta Know says:

    “A police source told Reuters this week it was likely that Scotland Yard would send a report early next year to prosecutors, who would then have to decide whether to bring a case.”

    I hate to read too much into this but this comment is what one would esxpect of a murder investigation, not a smuggling ring or terrorist operation. I hope it’s disinformation.

  2. burtsev says:

    1. “This is a Russian article, and Russia’s foremost agenda is to denigrate Litvinenko at every turn.”

    The Moscow Times belongs to a Dutch mogul with some interesting connections in the past. It has been consistently anti-Putin and pro-Western. MT caters to the expatriate Western community in Russia.

    2. The reference to “money trail” is indeed strange and its sourse is not explained.

    3. Somehow the man on the photo does not look like Lugovoi to me.

    4. The gist of this aricle is the spin by Alexei Kondaurov, Ret. General-Major of KGB/FSB. Kondaurov was the head of YUKOS security and intelligence apparatus. Khodorkovsky paid him millions. Close to Ziuganov. In 2003-4 Kondaurov took active part in the attempt to “privatize” CPRF by the group of oligarchs and criminal structures. Through K., Khodorkovsky channeled over $10 million to Ziuganov. The operation was carried out by the group of the military oligarch Vladimir Filin, consisting of former GRU officers and secret agents. KOndaurov for a long time has been associated with the group’s point man in Moscow, Anton Surikov, Ret. Colonel of GRU, widely know as the organizer of the “conspiracy in Nice” in 1999, between Basayev and Voloshin. Surikov knows Ermarth since 1995. See their picture (1) and (3) in Virginia
    Surikov also had extensive contacts with British military intelligence at least since his 1994 stay at the King’s College in London. (2) on this photo is Sir Roderick Braithwaite, head of COBRA at that time. In the left corner bottom line is Anton Surikov’s father, Victor, a leading Soviet rocket scientist, who made over 50 trips to the US in the first half of the 1990s. He died not before making, with his son, a haj to Mecca. Their real anscestrial (Cherkess) name is Natkho (oevs). Anton Surikov is the main sponsor of the Cherkess “David Urquhart Society” (famous British Russophobe of the 19th century). next to the late Surikov (Natkhoev) you see the famous Academician Yevgeny Velikhov, great friend of the American people. In the 1990s, Velikhov’s numerous middleman companies transferred to the US a number of high-tech miliraty hardware, including one S-300. His business partners are US PMCs like Vinnell Corporation and others connected to the Carlyle Group and headed by big names in the Anglo-American intelligence community. Velikhov is also the director of the scientific center “Kurchatov Institute” that operates six nuclear reactors in Moscow… On this 2002 picture, you can see Ermarth and the former CIA director James Woolsey of Freedom House visiting Velikhov’s Institute, with other representatives of US security experts close to the Cheney gang. Velikhov is last on the right.

    All photos are from this article

    Notice that Kondaurov’s spin is very much in line with that of Ermarth and some other right-wing US commentators. It is a veiled blackmail of Putin.