Dec 04 2006

We Need To Fire Anan

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Kofi Anan has been an unmitigated disaster as head of the UN. The guy is so partisan and so anti-America (probably because we cut off is slush fund from Saddam Hussein under the Oil For UN Crooks Program) that he is useless. Everytime the man opens his mouth America gets one more reason to just stop funding the failure that is the UN (which now stands for the Unbelievably Naive). Kofi has once again made it clear he misses his sugar-daddy, ‘ol Warbucks Saddam:

Iraq’s national security adviser says he is shocked by UN head Kofi Annan’s suggestion that the average Iraqi is worse off than under Saddam Hussein.

Mouwaffaq al-Rubaie also accused the UN of shying away from its responsibility towards the Iraqi people.

The UN secretary general, who leaves office after 10 years on 31 December, told the BBC that the situation in Iraq was now “much worse” than a civil war.

The liberal handwringers are really getting tiresome. The threat in Iraq is from Al Qaeda and Islamo Fascism – which would be worse than Saddam. The hope for a better future in Iraq is the success of the Democratically elected government – which would be better than Saddam. On the scale of good to bad the current situation is at least on the right end of the spectrum. And for all those dying to quit and allow Al Qaeda a base to attack the free world from it is time to get over Saddam. A stable brutal world IS NOT better than a dynamic, challenging world heading for a better life for millions.

Socialism and communists and all those on the left fear change. They would rather live in a guilded cage than fight for a better life. The left is so afraid of meeting a challenge or a threat they had doubts about Afghanistan as the World Trade Center still burned red hot in NY City. They left want a better world for the downtrodden, but they prefer to attack the infrastructure of the free world, which is the best path to a better future, than the scours of the earth. Change is good and necessary and a part of nature. The left has never understood that. That is why they freak out when the temperature goes up, goes down, gets windy, gets dry, gets wet…. Change unerves them. They see ghosts and conspiracies everywhere. When the truth is that the evil in this world is complacency. The rationalization we can live with something instead of facing it head on.

It is the Kofi Anan’s of this world who let Saddam stay in power and ignoring UN resolutions for years. It is the Kofi Anan’s of this world who lined their pockets with the blood soaked oil money from Saddam so he could keep his rape rooms and child torture centers running. Anan is a fool and this world was foolish to ever bestow upon him a leadership role.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Oh, here’s Ken……..I guess he couldn’t figure a way to bring Iraq and the Jews into this spy story although he tried once I believe.

  2. Terrye says:

    Truth is Bolton had probably had enough of the UN anyway. Imagine spedning all your time with people like Ken. Shudder.

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    Huh! At least the dunce is stupid enough to leave a track record.

    And, yes. He’s out the door. His replacement, isn’t he some muslim guy?

    While I don’t think Bolton is quitting because of Congress.

    He’s just giving Bush an excuse he can use. For political reasons. From a team who owns nothing else. Mayberry Machiavelli’s. (Ron Suskind wrote about this, and what’s behind the failures within this White House administration.) Just GOOGLE his name. RON SUSKIND. You’ll see he’s a journalist, well-known in DC. And, he’s getting his “leaks” from REPUBLICANS! Those who hae had “dealings” with this White House.

    PR can keep a lot of stuff buried, I guess? Until it explodes.

    I also notice that Gates’ nomination is not in Dr. Frist’s hands, yet. Didn’t Baker say he wanted to do this before the next Congress gets seated in January?

    What will the “show” look like when Bush has to go into the Well of the House, to deliver his State of The Union speech? The ride sure feels bumpy. Is that botts registering under the tires?

  4. Ken says:


    “The UN is an albatross around our necks and the only reason to stay a member is , as Crosspatch said, to veto their goofy resolutions and to look after our own interests.”

    You want some of me? The UN isn’t as much of an albatross for the US as the Zionist Lobby made notorious by Measheimer and Walt.

    And Barbee…
    “I guess he couldn’t figure a way to bring Iraq and the Jews into this spy story although he tried once I believe. ”

    Bush met with Jordan’s Abdullah last week about Iraq. The
    King said, “you want Iraq solved you better solve the Palestinian
    grievances.” Then he was told about the same by the Saudi
    reps. Let’s see the likes of you keep reining in Israel out of the center
    of the Middle East powderkeg.

  5. The Macker says:

    The “Democracy Building” was necessitated by the removal of Saddam’s regime and therefore an “opportunity” and not the “goal.”

    Bush’s move to spread freedom to the ME was to boldly seize an opportunity rarely afforded. And good has and can still come of it. I think Bush has the grit to succeed.

    We should use our influence to reform the international structures and ignore the snivelers that cry “imperialism.”

  6. Ken says:


    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Had not Bush assumed
    a pro-American , pro-Israel democracy would be implanted, and rather easily in Iraq, he would not have removed Saddam.

    And you don’t seem to understand, democracy elected Hamas
    in Palestine and “democracy” would elect anti-American
    regimes in Egypt and Syria. Bush’s Cedar Revolution “democracy”
    has brought Lebanon to the brink .

    Perhaps Bush should have started with bringing “freedom” to
    the Palestinians in the form of a state, areas of which would
    be on the West Bank and Samaria with Israel forced out–which the new/old Saudi plan now pushes.

  7. The Macker says:

    Action on Saddam was required regardless of Bush’s expectations. And after Saddam’s removal, we weren’t about to leave the al Qaeda conspiring, WMD intending, Bathists in charge.

    The Palestinians don’t want a state. They just want Israel gone. The poor Palestinian people must be “de-programmed” some way.

    Islamofascists have undermined the “Cedar Revolution.”

    We can live with “anti American” governments if they are responsible to their people. Don’t we live with France?

  8. Retired Spook says:

    We can live with “anti American” governments if they are responsible to their people. Don’t we live with France?

    Great point, Macker, although the next time some evil force crosses the Maginot Line, I hope we sit back, pop some popcorn and watch. BTW, how are things in France, Ken? You need to check out some of those scenic eastern Paris suburbs. Just be careful where you park your car.

  9. Ken says:


    “Action on Saddam was required*** regardless of Bush’s expectations. And after Saddam’s removal, we weren’t about to leave the @@@al Qaeda conspiring, WMD intending, Bathists@@ in charge.”

    You just go on believing that***with the 25% remaining blankos
    of the American public who haven’t learned their lesson.

    And among the things you haven’t learned is the @@@Baathists
    hate alQaeda @@@and are only co-operating with them now as a
    result of Bush’s already defeated invasion, and when the US
    troops leave, will, along with other Iraqis, immediately drive
    alQaeda out of Iraq, and far more effeciently than we have.

    Oh, and Macker, please don’t contradict yourself from
    sentence to sentence:

    “Islamofascists have undermined the “Cedar Revolution.”

    We can live with “anti American” governments if they are responsible to their people.”

    The Lebanese government is a US stooge as majorities of
    Lebanese believe, inclusive of Aoun’s Christians who are
    aligned with Hezbollah.

  10. Ken says:

    Retired Spook

    I’ve been way ahead of you. We should have stayed out of
    France in the European War to which you obliquely refer.
    We helped enslave the broad swath of Eastern Europe.

  11. The Macker says:

    Blame Roosevelt’s naivete and Stalin but don’t absolve Hitler.

  12. Ken says:


    Al Sadr’s father was killed by Saddam Hussein as you know. Yet
    the Shia clerical nationalist says Kofi is right and you are, in your arrogant Wilsonian haze..w-r-o-n-g.

    Yes the anti-Baathist Shia who represents the broad view of the majority community, says Iraq is WORSE off now, because of
    America’s botched invasion, than under Saddam. Read
    the details above.