Jul 12 2005

Brits Chase Terrorists

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I’ll keep adding to this post from the top today as things come in. Latest news is that 3 of the 4 terrorists came from the West Yorkshire area and were among those reported missing by relatives (last bit from FOX News TV)

A day of dramatic developments saw the investigation making rapid progress, with raids focused on West Yorkshire.

The evidence has prompted speculation that Britain has experienced its first suicide attacks.

DAC Peter Clarke, head of the anti-terrorist branch, told journalists that four men likely to have been linked to the attacks had arrived together at King’s Cross last Thursday morning.

Three of the four come from the West Yorkshire area.

He said that personal documents belonging to the suspects had been found close to the seats of three of the explosions.

The property of one suspect, reported missing, was found on the Number 30 bus.

Without confirming all the details, Clarke said it was “very likely” that one of the West Yorkshire men died in the Aldgate explosion.

There was also a car located at a train station linked to the terrorists.

One arrest was made during searches of six addresses in northern England and Luton rail station was closed after a vehicle linked to the attacks was found there, police said.

Investigations led officers to “have concerns about the movements and activities of four men, three of whom came from the West Yorkshire area,” Peter Clarke, national coordinator of terrorist investigations, said in a televised briefing. “We have since found personal documents bearing the name of three of the four men close to the scenes of three” attacks, he said.



Arrests have been made in bombings

However, on the afternoon of Tuesday July 12th, British broadcasters reported that police investigating the bombings had made several arrests after searching six houses in the northern English city of Leeds and cordoning off a car found at Luton railway station, north of London. The reports said police now believed that among those who died in the explosion on board a bus was one of the bombers. According to Sky television, identification of the man from his decapitated head led them to make the raids in Leeds. Police were expected to call a news conference early on Tuesday evening.

That errant bus bomb was a sad blessing in disguise since it allowed police leads to the terrorists.

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The British security services are not wasting a lot of time trying to find the animals who planned and executed those cowardly bombings in London last week. First is a story on police action in Leeds

Military officers blew open a house in northern England Tuesday in a search for explosives linked to last week’s London bombings. As the investigation gathered pace, they also shut a train station outside London to deal with a car they said might be linked to the attacks.

Police said 500 people were evacuated from the area surrounding the controlled explosion an army bomb squad carried out in Leeds and the streets were cordoned off. Hours earlier, police had searched five homes elsewhere in Leeds, but there was no immediate word of any arrests.

Mark Coffey has some breaking news on arrests as well.

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