Oct 30 2006

The Uneducated Masses

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One has to wonder what kind of dribble is being passed off as news analysis when Swedes find the US is more of a threat than North Korea and Iran. The younger the age the less memory there is for the days when the US came to cleanse Europe of the violent fascism of the Nazis. And we have always had nuclear weapons, but we have never used them since we were forced to bring Japan to its knees in WW II. Unlike Iran which makes clear they wish to ‘cleanse the world’ of the Jews. Maybe someone should poll the Swedes to see if they want to see another holocaust or not, and which of them will risk their lives to stop it.

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  1. Limerick says:

    Enforcement maybe you wouldn’t mind splitting my bagel with me…..grey poupon included.

  2. Limerick says:

    Ken, King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan met Golda Meir the night of May 15, 1947 in the city of Amman, Jordan. She attempted to avoid the war by reaffirming the position of the Jewish Agency and the new nation of Israel that Jerusalem would be an international city as established by the United Nations. King Abdullah’s position was that Jordan would recognize Israel if Israel would allow Jordan to annex Jerusalem. He rejected Golda Meir’s offer. The Ben-Gurion government, thru Meir, informed Abdullah (head of the Arab Legion) that if they(Arabs) chose war then Israel would have the right to take by arms any territory they deemed necessary to ensure the security of the State of Israel. The Arabs chose war. They lost. By such means has EVERY NATION on Earth secured their existance, force of arms. That IS the history.

    Of the 5 Arab armies (Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, and Jordanian) NONE fought a coordinated battle for the liberation of the Palestinian people. They all fought seperately for individual national BRAGGING RIGHTS TO PALESTINE. They gave lip service to their people that the cause was for a united ‘Arab nation’ but worked behind the curtains for their own benefit. It was AFTER they lost that they made the Palestinians a ‘people’. BOTH sides fought as warriors and as terrorists. Neither side had all the angels on their shoulders. The children of Ca’anan were willing to live in the territory set aside by the United Nations. The children of Mohammad were not willing because they coveted the ‘City of Peace’ like a burglar covets your TV.

    As Mark Twain said……..’A man who holds a cat by the tail learns a lesson he cannot learn any other way’. The Arabs had a choice Ken. They chose badly and so now YOU and they blame the cat.

  3. Limerick says:

    the night of May 15, 1947 in…..should be May 15, 1948….

    There….yes Ken I lied…..I massaged the facts to deceive the audience and make my case for war…….I am ready for impeachment.