Oct 19 2006

Strickland’s Foleygate

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When Democrats went into the dirty tricks bag with Foley (and yes, there is plenty of reporting from Harpers and the WaPo that Democrats orchestrated the media leak, even though a rep staffer leaked the material to the democrats) that they would be returned the favor. The reason most races run fairly clean is due to the standards of the competitors. The Democrats have no standards in their desparation to win, so we get these dirty tricks leaks. It seems the real, forewarned, ‘manager’ who was alerted to a sexual predator among his team was not Denny Hastert (he was kept in the dark apparently by gay House Clerk Trandahl and gay Foley Chief of Staff Fordham), the person who knew he had a convicted child sex predator was Ted Strickland who is running for Governor of OH. The dems can complain all they want, but it is not going to work after all their ‘outrage’ at Hastert. Even if this is a dirty trick, the voters will realize they were about to put a man at the top of their state who protected a sex offender who preyed on children. Most people will see it as saving the state from a major mistake, not a dirty trick. Strickland was made aware of his campaign manager’s horrid past due to the records of the conviction, and he refused take action and instead covered up the news. That is a lot different than Foley and Hastert and some questionable emails.

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  1. Mark78 says:

    You really need to see this…..

    A Democrat has been suspended from the House intel committee for maybe being the leaker to the NYTIMES!!!!!!

    Big news…

  2. Media Lies says:

    I found this story disgusting…….

    ….but not for the reasons that you might think.A “Foley problem” at the heart of Ted Strickland’s Democratic gubernatorial campaign in Ohio deepened ……

  3. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: quick read this, and then tell me you’re surpised: via Drudge by the way:


  4. Mark78 says:

    Looks like we both found it.

    This could be good….for national security and plugging leaks.

    What would be the punishment if guilty?

    Full revoking of security clearances??? More?

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:

    Mark: you beat me too it! It’s great news; and I STRONGLY believe, that the NSA, SWIFT, Iraq Intel report from the Marine Officer, CIA prisons, etc., were ALL “leaked” by Congressional Staffers, working at the behest of their Primaries, to damage Bush.

    Certainly loss of access; and also possible prison/fines, IF found guilty!