Oct 17 2006

Is It Time To Get Bin Laden?

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I have been keeping my eyes on Waziristan and the other Tribal Regions of Northern Pakistan along the Afgahnistan border because that is where the remnants of the Taliban are hold up, and possibly Bin Laden and Zawahiri. Today there was a major battle on the Afghanistan side of the border which had some interesting nationalities involved:

TROOPS in Afghanistan killed around 40 Taliban rebels in two encounters, including a major battle near the Pakistan border in which Pakistanis and Chechens were among the dead, officials said.

The nearly five-hour battle was in Paktia province that borders Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal district where the government signed a truce with pro-Taliban militants last month.

The fight started when Afghani troops came under attack in the province’s Barmal area on the border, the defence ministry said.

“The result – 24 enemy were killed, their bodies were left at the site and we have carried them to our base,” ministry spokesman General Mohammad Zahir Azimi said.

“Among the dead there are Pakistan nationals, Chechens and people from other countries, as well as Afghanis,” he said.

Eight people were arrested alive, including three Pakistanis.

Chechens are infamously aggressive fighters and there have been rumors they are the corpse of Bin Laden’s security team. The fact Chechens and Pakistanis were together might mean forces are getting closer to what should be a well defended hide out – if Bin Laden is in the region. More on events here. But when we do get close to the hornet’s nest – expect all hell to break lose. For a short while. Update: – Maybe we will get Omar instead?

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  1. Limerick says:


    Probably not politically correct but I think it shows how the soldiers feel. My son in a tank commander with one of the cavalry regiments. Before going into ‘country’ all are allowed to name their vehicles ala WWIIbombers. The name is restricted to starting with the letter of their company. His is B company.

    His last Abrams was called; ‘BUSH LIE’……in small letters it said ‘You’re Next’.

    I know this all sounds korney but I think it points out the morale. These guys will go anywhere and take on anybody. They know what they are supposed to do. Give em the grid coordinates and it’s done. They don’t like being there, but you couldn’t keep them off the boat.

    All that crap about Tora Bora is just that….CRAP. The world ain’t perfect and intelligence ain’t perfect. THEY know that. It really pisses them off when they sit in a bar and hear someone say “i support the troops but I don’t support the war”. There have been a few trips to the brig over that scenario if you know what I mean.

  2. RichatUF says:

    … they are the corpse of Bin Laden’s security team…
    corpse…corp…can’t say I minded much with the thought…


    my thought: the US has a better line on him, (Zawahiri) and that is the reson for the Adam Gadahnindictment; just a thought


    … My son in a tank commander with one of the cavalry regiments. Before going into ‘country’ all are allowed to name their vehicles ala WWIIbombers. The name is restricted to starting with the letter of their company. His is B company.

    His last Abrams was called; ‘BUSH LIE’……in small letters it said ‘You’re Next’….

    to Limerick:

    To your son-godspeed and all is well. I am able to type here tonight because men like your son are at his post. Don’t ever think that his sacrifice is in vein-it is for freedom, it is for the United States. And I don’t think it is ever said quite enough.


  3. Limerick says:

    Thank you RichatUF….I will pass it along.

    If anyone wants to do something that directly effects these guys and gals lives here are a couple of suggestions.

    USO……..these guys LOVE this stuff…believe BOREDOM is the biggest moral buster these guys have. The don’t spend every single minute sending lead down range. They spend alot of time sitting around and waiting (as anyone who ever was in can tell you well)

    Soldier’s and Sailors Relief Fund……this goes directly to the families to help in time of need.

    AND (damnit)…..where the hell are all the yellow ribbons?………I can commute to work and see only a hand full now. And Libs don’t give me that ‘See America Is Against The War’ crap as the cause. It is because we all got lazy, and got TV paralysis.

  4. Limerick says:

    This is a link to an article in todays Asia Times. This is the kind of ‘group think’ that the American media refuses to acknowledge.
    To the U.S. left it is all about diplomacy. To this paper it is all about how easy war against the United States WILL be;


    It gives a perspective as to why President Bush made his recent remarks about space based warfare.

  5. opinionsarefree says:

    Pakistans defacto ceding of Waziristan and other tribal areas to the Taliban is going to have some serious consequences. Just what comes of it reamins to be seen.

    The best and most continuous source for updates on Pakistan and Somalia ( probably the next hotspot in the GWOT) I have found is;



    Every returning service member I have spoken with comments on the incomplete and biased reporting by the MSM. Please let your son know that the MSM is just as remiss in reporting the groundlevel support here for them here in the states, and that we are grateful for their sacrifice and service.

    Another excellent place for supporting the soldiers;


  6. Ken says:


    Many troops “support (themselves) but don’t support the war”
    as Limerick does.

    Many troops in Iraq realize their presence has nothing to do with
    RichatUF being able to type freely.

    War support is down to 34%. I could get rich getting 10 dollars
    for every US resident former war supporter of 2003 who no
    longer sports yellow ribbons in support of the Iraq war
    now. No WMDS and a botched occupation are responsible
    here, not the MSM which has underplayed the anarchy
    prevailing in Iraq.

  7. Limerick says:

    Hey Ken, do you want 1/2 my bagel?

  8. Ken says:

    Maybe it was time to get bin laden when Bush outsourced his capture
    to Afghanis. Or maybe about the time he shifted focus to Iraq.

  9. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, with you French Progressives, the first thing to go is the truth, I see you’re at the 2nd step already, you haven’t told the truth in a long time.
    It started with the Bolshevik Rev for you people, didn’t it?

  10. For Enforcement says:

    Limerick, does that bagel come with grey poupon?

  11. Barbara says:

    The French don’t eat bagels and grey poupon. They eat croisants and brie. You know what croisants are made of, don’t you? A lot of grease and hot air.