Oct 14 2006

More Important Issues At Stake

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I hope the Foley mess either blows up on those Democrats who had the leaked emails and shopped them to the news media and democrat donors, or the news dies away so we can focus on truly important issues. Number one issue is will we have the right to protect ourselves from attack. Every conservative and Replican should be forcing their opposition to answer one question: Should we give terrorist communications from outside the country free reign to contact their shock troops here in the US, especially when the program has already stopped Al Qaeda attacks on America? That is the number one question. Will we stop protecting ourselves by electing Democrats who want to lawyer-up the terrorists instead of get information from them.

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  1. Limerick says:


    A topic the left fears!

    All the ‘theory’ the left pushes about regarding free speech, right to privacy, habius corpus, is all fine and good. What the left doesn’t realize is that all those wonderful rights are dependent on one and only one thing. Some place to practice them.

    Our individual liberties are preciously held, but if we don’t use EVERY means to stop the ‘Death to America’ facists, they won’t be worth a hill of beans. There will be no town hall to practice them, nor a government to protect them, nor the people to use them.

    Here is what the ‘future’ leader of the House did to ‘protect’ America;

    Rep. Pelosi Voted Against Authorizing Military Tribunals For Dangerous Terrorist Suspects, Including Alleged 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. (S. 3930, CQ Vote no. 508: Adopted 250- 170: R 218-7; D 32-162; I 0-1, 9/29/06, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    Rep. Pelosi Voted Against The Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act, Which Would Make It Easier To Monitor Terrorist Communications. (H.R. 5825, CQ Vote no. 502: Passed 232-191: R 214-13; D 18-177; I 0-1, 9/28/06, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    March 7, 2006: Rep. Pelosi Led 123 Other House Democrats To Vote Against Final Passage Of The PATRIOT Act Reauthorization. (S. 2271, CQ Vote no. 20: Adopted 280-138: R 214-13; D 66-124; I 0-1, 3/7/06, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    — December 14, 2005: Rep Pelosi Led 154 Other Democrats To Vote Against The PATRIOT Conference Report. (H.R. 3199, CQ Vote no. 627: Adopted 251-174: R 207-18; D 44-155; I 0-1, 12/14/05, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    — July 21, 2005: Pelosi Led 155 Other Democrats To Vote Against The House Version Of The PATRIOT Act Passage. (H.R. 3199, CQ Vote no. 414: Adopted 257-171: R 214-14; D 43-156; I 0-1, 7/21/05, Pelosi Voted Nay)

    This is who will decide the legislative session.

  2. Ken says:

    And the conservatives used to be for small government,eschewing a
    police state….

  3. Snapple says:

    I don’t think I live in a police state. I think that the security organizations protect my security–they aren’t a secret police.

    The only people who need to be afraid are people who are plotting violence against our citizens.

    A big government does not equal a police state. The government is protecting us.

    I think all that stuff about my rights being eroded is terrorist propaganda. I know what “rights” Al Qaeda and their partners on the far left have for women. Women are slaves. They don’t even get doctors when they deliver babies.

  4. Barbara says:

    All this crying about loss of rights is just an excuse for the dem platform. They have to be the opposite of the republicans in order to justify their existence. It is just unfortunate that their opposite is such a danger to the country. They won’t get so many votes is they have the same platform as the republicans, so they keep droning on and on about loss of rights (especially for terrorists). They live in their own little world and don’t realize or don’t care what a danger they are. I just hope enough people in this country wake up and realize exactly what is at stake with this election. The idea of impeaching President Bush for falsely leading us into war is ridiculous especially since the dems voted to go in to this war also. Such hypocrits.