Oct 06 2006

Who Is Fighting For Family Values In This Circus?

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The liberal media is in feeding frenzy over Foleygate, and as usual they are putting their hypocirisy and incredibly shallow thinking on display. Diana West has a good observation out today on how this is playing in Americ. But playing inside a three ring circus where we have Foley and his contacts or victims, the GOP and the liberal media and vote desparate Dems. All are in their own circus ring doing their own variation of the show – and all are legitimate targets of criticism. I would like to add to the picture somewhat.

Center stage is Foley and his acts. Lewd and disturbing, he remains the central character in this circus. But he has resigned and is facing criminal investigations. The act there is frozen. What we do know is – as of now – there where only young adults involved. So the pedophile thing is not working until someone has evidence of worse behaviour than we are seeing.

The Democrats and media (impossible to separate them these days) are in the left side ring, apparently putting on clown costumes for some make believe skits. It is interesting that the Democrats are trying, with all their might, to distance themselves from Foley and blame him on the GOP. No one is buying this canard, but it is interesting to see. First and foremost Foley is a creature of our American culture – we are all in this together. So attempting to make this a GOP problem only illustrates the Democrats problem with issues in general. Always the nag, never part of the team, the Democrats have a problem in that they complain constantly, pointing out everyone else’s problems

But Foley is not a stereotypical Republican conservative. Being Gay makes him the exception, most Gays and Lesbians are Democrats. So the tarring of Foley because he showed interest and attraction to kids (most bisexual fathers do, you know) is really not go to make sense when liberals demand gays and lesbians be allowed to strut their sexuality in public in sex-soaked parades and parents are supposed to allow for the teaching of homosexuality as optionaly lifestyle in schools, despite their personal or religious beliefs.

So Foley is never going to be confused with the far right, religious conservative – the bane of liberalism. So what are the Democrats doing in their little circle? Pretending they are Republicans and for family values of course. Their clown skit.

Which brings us to the Reps. Half of the GOP is trying to do a highwire act and make it through this fiasco, while the rest have set up a circular firing squad and are aiming at those above on the wires. The Buchannan family is leading the charge to knock off imperfect conservatives up on the wires. They have forgotten Foley is an example of Republican tolerance and the “Big Tent” and this is what we need to have majorities. Folely’s connections to the core conservative principles are not founded in the social side of conservatism. Thankfully, some in the GOP ring are seeing the insanity of the situation and cooler heads are beginning to step back and circle the Elephants. But not in a defensive mode against the clowns in the other ring – in preparation for an assault on the clowns. We shall see who survives the fumbling in this ring.

Then there is the audience – us. America. Most of us are ready to leave the big tent show and get to the sideshows of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea… Well, we know they are there but we need to do something to close out this show first. We all know who has fought (and been skewered) for standing up for the family. The democrats’ attempts to dress up as Republicans is as goofy as any drag queen. We can see beyond the costume and make up. And so every call by the dems that sounds like a conservative reminds us of what conservatives usual are doing when they are not in their circular firing positions. We all know Foley is a product of tolerance run too far. Gay is one thing. Gay and going after young men is another. Gay and going after kids as they grow into young men is another. And of course we need only take one more step to the pedophile. Everyone faces this problem of sexual interest and how we change in life as we get older. But we used to not tolerate so much. We were too intolerant, that is for sure. But many feel we are reaching the other end of the pendulum – we have been too tolerant now.

So center stage represents going too far, our horizon to tolerance. Foley stepped over some lines, even if he “never had sex with that young man” (wagging the finger so Clintonesquely). Not once. But the Reps have been trying to pull us back from this line of ‘too far” while the Democrats have been trying to push us over the line and onto the next one. That is why the ACLU supports an organization like NAMBLA which calls for pedophilia to become acceptable. Old men with no redeaming qualities sufficient to attract a partner are left to the innocents – and this is supposed to be OK in the mind of some democrat supporters. Lambs to the slaughter is all I see. The ACLU and NAMBLA are not conservative groups. They hate crosses like the vampires they are. If the GOP would like to take charge of this issue they can – it is sitting right out there for them to take. The media and the Democrats in their clown outfits and make up pretending to save the babies from the burning building are not fooling anyone. They have cried “wolf” too many times. They have no credibility left. They have been living off of “minimal, polite respect” for years now and are eating into that as well.

Folygate has run its course pretty much – Foley is going to face an investigation. The actors in the two side rings have some final skits to put on, but they have chosen their main themes. Do not be surprised when this big tent empties over the weekend and the liberal media continue to show their hysterical nature as they obsess over what Hastert knew when, and push America further away.

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  1. Chuck says:

    If you wanted to see an example of “The liberal media … as usual they are putting their hypocirisy and incredibly shallow thinking on display” then you needed to watch Hannity and Colmes on Thursday, Oct. 5. Holmes made the case that sex with a 17 year old minor is OK as long as it’s consensual, or at least that’s how he tried to differentiate Foley (inappropriate-mail) from Gerry Stubbs (sex with 17 year old page on capital grounds). For people like Colmes looking into the mirror while shaving in the morning must be a degrading experience.