Sep 07 2006

Bin Laden Crushes Dems’ Fall Message

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It never fails to happen that the 9-11 anniversary brings out all sorts of news and information regarding 9-11. Whodathunkit. Seems Al Jazeera is showing a video of Bin Laden meeting with the 9-11 hostages. While the lunatic fringe left will question the timing of this and see conspiracies everywhere, the fact is Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have PR needs too. They need exposure in the media and this is a good time of year to grab headlines. It is one of the random ironies of 9-11: it happened two months before the time of our national elections. It did not happen on an election year, but it echoes across every election year we have and just plays havoc with the Dems. Of course it never had to be this way. If the Dems had not taken up positions against the Patriot Act the sight of Bin Laden would not have people questioning the Democrats thought processes. If the Dems had not been giddy over the exposure of our anti-terrorism efforts (like the NSA listening in on terrorists planning attacks here) then there would be no oppotunity to put Bin Laden on political ads and ask America which side the left is on. If the Democrats hadn’t claimed Bush was hyping the war, their credibility wouldn’t be shattered everytime Bin Laden appears, reminding us all who really is the threat to America (and it ain’t Bush). Don’t even get me started with the whack-job conspiracy theorists. As Mac Ranger notes, the irony of Clintonistas screaming about a movie depicting their failure to get Bin Laden is just emphasizing the fact that Bin Laden and Mohammed Atta spent the Clinton years preparing for 9-11, and that 9-11 highjackers were in this country when Bush was sworn in. But it is the classic example of how the Dems stick their necks out for no reason and the natural course of events just hammer them. They will never learn that trying to beat Bush on national security means attacking our efforts to defend ourselves. Duh.

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  1. pull says:

    Correction, please: He is meeting with the hijackers — not “hostages”, as you originally had.

    This is great news.

    Critics will claim that this video is a forgery from the CIA and the Jews.

    But, they deny all of the evidence of the Holocaust and most evidence of just about anything…

    More substantial proof is always good to hit them over the head with… even if they pretend it is not true.

  2. streeter says:

    The 9-11 hijackers were already in training and knew their approximate mission date in September ’00. At that time who do you think they thought would be in office in ’01? Al Gore maybe? America was attacked, not a political party. The tangos want to kill us all. If the Dems had put away their carreer ambitions for even one election cycle, how far could we have come as a team in that time? How much more could have been achieved by now in Iraq if the dems had said ” we’re there so lets kick some terrorist(not insurgent) ass!”?
    AJ, I believe you earlier stated that the Dems can only see their political ambitions; that is so true and so sickening.

  3. pull says:

    On streeter’s post, on the “insurgent” renaming part:

    It is so sickeningly true how they redefine the enemy… using words like “insurgent” and “revolutionary” instead of “terrorist”… or even better, “Islamists” or “Islamo-Fascists”.

    This is a disease from the 60s. I watched, finally, “One Day in September” the other day. It had Peter Jennings and other such reporters calling the terrorists of the Munich Massacre not “terrorists” but “guerillas”. It was sickening, but I bet it won him points at his little cocktail parties… and for his career.

    After all, such people can’t get along in their careers unless their tout the party line in front of their bosses. The more extreme they are… the more points they get — as long as they are devious about it, that is, subtle.

  4. Video: Bin Laden Meeting With 9/11 Hijackers (Updated…

    Al Jazeera has just run video showing Osama bin Laden meeting with some of the 9/11 hijackers. The video was produced by al Qaeda’s media arm as Sahab. Earlier today as Sahab had announced on an Islamist message board that……

  5. carol johnson says:

    “Those who control language control minds. ” – Ayn Rand

    “He who controls the spice, controls the universe” – DUNE
    Frank Herbert

    “The truth shall set you free!”

    “A lie enslaves all!”

    CENSORSHIP, BLACKLISTING, call it what you will.


  6. pull says:

    On Carol’s post:

    By my book, such people are liars and these are examples of their lies.

    Their natural language is lies. They do not understand truth. We can’t understand them until we translate their words out of their natural language.

    I dare say.

    “Those who control language control minds. ” – Ayn Rand

    As far as the mind goes… I view words as proceeding from the heart, what we often today call ‘the mind’… there is, of course, scientific basis of this, for instance, neuro-linguistics.

    These people have an internal landscape of utter darkness. It is a landscape constructed of delusions. The only reason they are still able to function and pose as sane individuals in the world is because they know the difference. They simply prefer delusions over reality.

    This is serious stuff because these tapes are even more evidence against these types of people. Some 35% of people of Americans are deluded about 9/11. Even this kind of evidence, I think, will fail to enlighten them otherwise. This is because they are not ignorant. They are malicious.

    We have a serious problem in this country… and this is a great barometer of that.

  7. carol johnson says:

    Their natural language is lies. They do not understand truth. We can’t understand them until we translate their words out of their natural language.

    I wasn’t trying to be flip about this, really…I am just totally frustrated and YES angry. I agree with everything you just said above. If I may make a tiny observation though, I have tried to argue this very thing with one of my sister’s friends (I really don’t know how they stay friends but that’s none of my business). She (sister’s friend) is a BushHitler type and takes any opportunity to broadcast it. The truth is utterly immaterial to people like these! As a matter of fact the truth IS THE ENEMY to these people. It disturbs their little world. It really shakes me that some people can maintain that level of hate and function in this world.

    I agree with what you said…and it chills me to the bone!


  8. pull says:


    It is true. Their hearts are full of darkness. You shed light in there and it literally pains them. You threaten their entire world.

    Consider this, ‘what are we’? Without good deeds, what is there to us? Nothing. It is a horrible sight to see our naked soul. So, wicked people cover that up from themselves with every manner of delusion.

    They find, therefore, the dark things to be more delectable, the more of it they consume in there.

    Anybody can be broken down, however. But these guys, the ones who know good and bad and choose bad… they are the hard cases.

    They don’t look it… but they are the really bad ones.

    Anyway. That is my perspective. Nothing new there, in what I am saying, all basic Christian theology.

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    Bin Laden strikes again…

    Can’t wait for John Kerry to do the expose of OBL’s republican voter registration card don’t ya know.

    Wait maybe it could be Herraldo.

    In other news the dems deny their MSM comparisions to the hit show LOST, however they are reviewing their options of palagerism lawsuits.

    Today the McCain/Feingold restrictions kick in, therefore this post will self destruct in ten seconds!