Sep 05 2006

How The Left Courts Jews

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Seems the Bush Derangement Syndrome on the left is nearly as intense as its hatred for Jews. In a bizarre election year ploy to court Jews. Obviously in response to Lieberman not accepting his loss to Lamont during the democrat primary, it seems the far left confused ‘courtship’ with ‘indictments’:

Foxman cited examples from the site’s Action Forum, including “media owning Jewish pigs,” “Zionazis,” a reference to the senator as “Jew Lieberman” and the question, “Why are the Jews so Jew-y?”

Welcome to the Lamont-Left: angry, bile spewing immature people who cannot abide by any democracy (or form of government) that contests their world views. This sadly all the Lamont-Left have.

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3 Responses to “How The Left Courts Jews”

  1. patch says:

    Abe Foxman is a hypocrite.

    For years he has slandered conservative Republicans. Now he finds tha t the real anti-Semites are his good “liberal” friends.

    Once again, Mr. Foxman, the only true friends of Jews and Israel are on the right/conservative side of society.

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  3. pull says:

    Wow. I wish more Leftists sites would admit it is racist to use the term “zionazi”. Fact is these move-on folks are lying. That is, to use one of their sickening, over used jingos, “business as usual”.

    These guys are rabid… totally rabid anti-semites.

    They can only hide it for so long.

    Is that really good? I don’t think so. They say, “I love you” in public and come at you with knives in private. What is nice about that? That is how they get away with murder.