Sep 05 2006

The Far Left Continues To Repulse

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The far left continues to repulse the center left, further distilling the overall political left to a cesspool of unbridled anger. Read how another vangaurd of the left has, like Christopher Hitchens and others have done, breaks with the anti-American, Bush is Hitler types. A snippet:

�American bond traders, you may say, are as innocent and as undeserving of terror as Vietnamese or Iraqi peasants. Well, yes and no. Yes, because such large-scale carnage is beyond justification, since it can never distinguish between the innocent and the guilty. No, because Americans, unlike Iraqis and many others in poor countries, at least have the privilege of democracy and freedom that allow them to vote and speak in favour of a different order. If the US often seems a greedy and overweening power, that is partly because its people have willed it. They preferred George Bush to Al Gore and both to Ralph Nader.�

This piece of moral degeneracy was far from being a one-off. In the aftermath of 9/11, we were shocked by the frequent incidence of similar sentiments. The New Statesman again typified this after last July�s tube murders, with a picture of a rucksack on its cover, accompanied by two words in large font: Blair�s bombs.

Add to this the relish with which large, mainstream sections of the Left � typified by the Mayor of London – now choose to ally themselves with Islamists who seek to destroy the essence of Western civilisation, who would put to death homosexuals and Jews, and who would put women in metaphorical � and sometimes literal � chains, and the moral cancer that has taken hold of the Left becomes clear.

The evidence of reality is something with which we have had to wrestle. It is not easy to acknowledge what the Left has become, and the mindset of leftists. But that evidence is so overwhelming that we can no longer conceive of describing ourselves as being on the Left in any recognisable form.

And these rabid lefties think we and other Western nations will hand our personal security over to them? Yeah – that will never happen. [H/T Lifson at American Thinker]

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