Aug 30 2006

2+2=Dem Disaster

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Earlier I posted on the collapse of association between the Democrat Party and those of faith. In the referenced Pew Poll it was shown 85% of Americans feel deeply about religion (I tend to be one of the few who would not be in this category – I like to say ‘spiritual’). Of that 85% only 26% felt Democrats were ‘friendly’ to religion (meaning 74% felt the dems were ‘unfriendly’). That means the Democrats where only getting 22% support from the nation in this category (.26 x 85%). There is no way the Dems will get all of the non-religious 15%, but if they did it would only add up to 37% of the electorate.

Right on queue, another poll has come out amongst Christians showing the exact same 22% support for Dems, which is less than the 25% of undecideds!. Reps come in with a whopping 53% for an advantage of over 2 to 1 in this key voting block. When you get two polls showing basically the same picture it demonstrates there is a real, tangible effect going on in the electorate. And it is not one which indicates any take over of Congress come this fall. As I highlighted in the previous post, the far left has been so anti religion in the BDS rantings for so many years now there is no amount of PR that can correct this trend by November.

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  1. pull says:

    My impression is they have two really major problems… religion and nation defense. A lot of their core stick with them because they are persuaded the Democratic Party is the religious party. I don’t know how the Dems pull off the national defense illuions… Bosnia? Plame?

    The religious illusion requires that they keep it hot on minorities that they are liberals — not leftists. That they are for mercy and the Republicans are about judgement. As long as these minorities believe the civil rights movement is still in full swing and is untainted since the 60s… they will continue to vote for these guys.

    Really, the wall between one of their major candidates saying something like Soros quote ““The separation of church and state, the bedrock of our democracy, is clearly undermined by having a born-again President”… is very, very thin.

  2. MerryJ1 says:

    If you think back to the weeks immediately following 9/11, you’ll recall a tremendous upsurge in church attendance. People who hadn’t been inside “their” church in years — even decades — became Sunday morning regulars for a few weeks or months before tapering back off to normal (“Aw, I’ll go next week”) status.

    Now, take a psychological leap: Whether President Bush’s matter-of-fact Christianity was a subliminal factor in that upsurge of temporary religiosity is immaterial; I think the leftist’s assumption of a connection between this President and a religious revival, even a temporary one, is a big trigger for their BDS psychosis.