Aug 29 2006

President Subpoened For Protecting US

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This should help the Reps whoop the left this fall:

Two attorneys representing claimants in a lawsuit over wiretapping by the National Security Agency claim that they will subpoena the White House today, RAW STORY has learned

Afran, a Green Party candidate for New Jersey Senate, told RAW STORY he expected the White House to again claim that the state secrets doctrine forbade it from answering the subpoena, but called the claim “absolute nonsense.”

“That’s an invitation for presidents to write their own rules and we’ve had judges multiple times say that state secrets is not a defense,” he explained, adding, “We hope the White House will realize the need to cooperate.”

As I have said for months, this year’s election is Impeachment vs National Security. And that always helps the Reps because the Dems are the ones who tolerate the far left in order to have a prayer of winning any elections. But if we want a prayer of avoiding attack we as a nation cannot be as accommodating as the Dems. Besides, we don’t have to since elections come a distant second to surviving.

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One Response to “President Subpoened For Protecting US”

  1. pull says:

    How is it that an unelected Senate Candidate from a ludicrously unpopular party can believe the President of the United States of America should be jumping through hoops for him?

    Talk about “writing your own rules”.

    A word these types really hate is “unpopular”. They present themselves as populists. They depend on that illusion. Strip that from them and they are left with their naked, sick ambitions.