Aug 07 2006

Harvesting Human Beings For Vanity

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I have posted over and over again the true driver behind Embryonic Stem Cell Research (as opposed to general stem cell research tapping stem cells from adult tissues and umbical chords) is greed. Pure and simple greed. No other excuse for those selling dead human parts as a pretend treatment for aging, as is being done now (H/T: Drudge). See all my posts on the subject here.

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  1. DubiousD says:

    The drive behind the embryonic stem cell research may indeed be greed, but the drive behind the MSM’s biased coverage of said research is more likely the liberal elite’s desire to preserve the right to an abortion. ESC research enables advocates to demagogue in such a manner that pro-life activists end up being painted as fools. “Would you really want to ban research that might yield a possible cure for cancer, Alzheimers, etc., based on nothing more than religious belief?” Because, obviously, experimentation on embryos would not be legal if the courts held that life begins at conception. In order to successfully push this agenda, however, first the MSM must downplay ASC (adult stem cell) research. Otherwise, how can you browbeat the public into accepting a controversial form of medical research when there already is a more viable alternative?

    I’m reminded of how activists in the ’80s used the extremely small risk of heterosexually-transmitted AIDS to push condom distribution in schools… a policy that the same activists had been promoting long before anyone had ever heard of AIDS. “Would you really want your son or daughter to contract a life-threatening illness because of nothing more than religious belief?”

  2. Barbara says:

    I am pro-life not because of religious beliefs. I am not religious. I haven’t gone to church in 30 years. But I do know right from wrong. I do understand abortion is caused by selfishness. It is a case of not accepting the responsibilities of your actions. I do think embryonic stem cell research is part of of the broader picture of abortion. Do these people not realize they are killing a unique human being? A real person who would grow up just like you or me with the same right to life. I believe that they are people from conception. How can it be otherwise? If left alone, they would be a person. And the idea of producing babies just for research is horrifying.

  3. user225937 says:

    Barbara, the problem is that biology doesn’t seem to work as most of us think. If fertilized eggs are left alone, they will die. Their path of development, what they will be, who they will be is developed by the materials in their environment. I recommend Ian Wilmut’s book After Dolly for more explaination.