Sep 26 2016

You Cannot “Fact Check” Social Theories

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The News Media is so obsessed with “framing” the race for Hillary they have forgotten to make sure the “frame” they are peddleing is not total nonsense.

For example, the big phrase this week is “Fact Checking” Trump’s answers to what are – at their root – nothing more than theories on social issues. Some famous “facts” that were really theories:

  • It was a THEORY that Obamacare will make health insurance accessible AND affordable. The left bought into the theory and still refuse to admit it was wrong. But it was all just theory (and a very broken one at that).
  • It was a THEORY that expanding home ownership to those who really could not afford the mortgage would help lift more people from the lower rungs of wealth and into the middle class.  The real estate bust of 2008 caused by this Democrat theory instead threw a lot of upper and middle class citizens (especially seniors) down the wealth latter quite a few rungs.
  • It is a THEORY that open boarders are good for the economy and global security.
  • It is a THEORY that higher taxes are good for the economy (John F Kennedy would of course disagree with this “fact”).
  • It was a THEORY there are such things as “Shovel Ready Jobs” (this one is now known to be total fantasy)

So how can someone “fact check” an issue which at its core is really a discussion on possible paths forward and which would work best? A debate of ideas, priorities and strategies?

Since when did attempting to predict the future become a fact???

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