Jun 23 2006

GOP Utter Failure Part III

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My worst fears came true with new details just out regarding the terrorist plot in Miami which was thwarted today:

The alleged terrorists five U.S. citizens, a legal immigrant from Haiti and a Haitian national who was in this country illegally were expected to appear in federal court in Miami later Friday.

This is why the House GOP decision to ‘cut and run’ from any immigration reform is not just stupid, it is dangerous. The biggest issue facing us on immigration is not wage pressure, or a tight job market, or draining the welfare coffers, it is national security. We have lived through the immigration pressures for decades (if not centuries). While they can be a challenge, the net result was always a positive for this country. After 9-11 securing our borders from terrorist and bringing the undocumented workers into the open through incentives (so we could easily check on who was not yet documented and a possible risk) helped push the floundering immigration issue to the forefront.

But myopic GOP leaders let fear of immigrants becoming citizens in 10-15 years trump our very real problem today – terrorists. And now we see that there was an illegal alien terrorist here, hiding out. The House GOP has lost all focus and priority, and left us in very grave danger.

My first two posts on the failure of the House GOP to protect our nation are here and here.

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  1. For Enforcement says:


    Podna, you are whistling into the wind. There are some minds, including mine, that are made up and you or me ain’t gonna be a changing them.

    For some reason the GOP seems to be getting blamed for all the illegal immigrants in the country, as if they are a bad thing, but then they turn right around and say, let’s pass the Senate bill and make them all legal as if that would be a good thing.
    So if I understand it, them being here illegally, that’s bad,
    let’s make them all legal, that’s good.
    Because then we get to start all over.

    It takes a little tricky understanding to grasp that, doesn’t it?

    There are some that believe the Senate bill is the answer to something. Well it is, the game is ‘Kick the Can’ if they can pass it, we get millions more illegals with the hope that 20 years from now, when the Can comes to rest, it will get kicked one more time.

    As I have clearly stated before, I have read every word in the Senate bill and I can’t find anything in it that is remotely similar to what I keep reading people say is in it. Every single time I have specifically challenged anyone, they haven’t produced. They only repeat what “somebody” told them was in it.

    I still can’t grasp the concept of: if the present Senate bill get’s passed, all the “bad people in the shadows” are gonna come out and identify themselves as the “bad people in the shadows” and we’re gonna ship them back and ‘voila’ no more problem.

    Well hell after reading that, maybe my mind can be changed, I didn’t understand it could be “THAT” simple.


  2. For Enforcement says:

    Thanks for that, second good word I’ve picked up this week, the other was

  3. For Enforcement says:


    Oh please, I grew up in Oklahoma in the 50’s and 60’s

    Didn’t your bio the other day say you were in your mid 40’s, so tell us how much growing up you did in the 50’s in OK or anywhere?

  4. For Enforcement says:

    whoops, let me correct myself, you said:
    I am a woman, a middle aged woman at that. And yes, I am from Indiana.

    Since I am in my 60’s myself, I shoulda put you in that category since I certainly am not more than in my middle ages

    My apologies and hope we all can correct ourselves when we are not right.

  5. The Macker says:

    For Enforcement,
    “if the present Senate bill get’s passed, all the “bad people in the shadows” are gonna come out and identify themselves as the “bad people in the shadows”
    • By incentivising self reporting, the “good” illegals will report,leaving the “bad” ones in the “shadows.” This makes the problem more manageable.
    • Like you keep insisting, the wording must be unambiguous though.

  6. For Enforcement says:

    Well Macker, that sure cleared it up

    • By incentivising self reporting, the “good” illegals will report,leaving the “bad” ones in the “shadows.” This makes the problem more manageable.

    I fail to see how somebody confessing to a policeman that he was speeding is gonna automaticaly identify all the other speeders to the policeman also. Especially the ones that don’t want to be identified.

  7. The Macker says:

    For Enforcement,
    Those reporting will get the ID’s, jobs, schooling, etc.
    The others will return home when the well runs dry or be picked up for criminal behavior and returned home.

    All of this depends on fool proof ID’s , an accessable database and funding for enforcement.

  8. For Enforcement says:

    I agree, but that sure is a big if in there.

  9. stevevvs says:

    Against my better judgement:

    Polls suggest that voters overwhelmingly prefer the House approach.
    Internal nationwide polling conducted by House Republicans and obtained by The Washington Times shows that 84 percent of voters agree that “we have to stop the flow of illegals before we address what to do about those who already are here.”
    The poll, conducted by McLaughlin & Associates in late April, found that 80 percent of Democrats and 91 percent of Hispanics agree with that approach.
    The Senate specifically rejected a proposal that would have delayed the more contentious aspects of the bill until the homeland security secretary certifies the border as secure.
    Polling for the Salt Lake Tribune found similar positions. A poll conducted last week found that 56 percent of Utahans support the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico and 54 percent oppose providing a path to citizenship for illegals.
    Also, 71 percent support repealing a state law that allows the children of illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition rates at colleges and universities. Tuition reductions for illegals is included in the Senate bill and has been supported by Mr. Cannon.

    All the LEGAL Immigrants where I work agree with the Following:

    Rebecca Cuylear, an immigrant from Hong Kong who came to the United States legally as a child, remembered the year she stayed behind in China while her mother fixed her papers in their new country.

    “I understand why people cross. But I don’t think it’s fair that they would get amnesty. It took a lot for us to get our papers and then our citizenship,” said Cuylear, an NMSU student.

    So, the House Rep’s. believe they are doing what their constituants demand. In a Representative Republic, shouldn’t they listen to their constituants?

    At the Border, the Guard is apparently making a difference.

    Apprehensions of undocumented immigrants were down in New Mexico from 3,765 in the first 20 days of June last year to 3,065 in the same period this year. Border-wide, apprehensions decreased by 21 percent, to 26,994, in the first 10 days of June, officials reported.

    The desert region’s blistering June temperatures typically drive down the number of migrants, but not so drastically, said Mario Martinez, a spokesman with the Border Patrol in Washington, D.C.

    Home away from home

    In Columbus, residents saw little of the soldiers, who merely drive through town on the way to their posts in the wilderness. But many residents took note of a recent decrease in immigrant traffic.

    “I have to admit that it has slowed down,” Columbus resident Glenda Sanchez said. “There was a routine. Like clockwork, they (migrants) would pass by my house at 5 p.m. They were always seven of them, guaranteed. But not anymore. They changed their route or something.”

    In Deming, home of the armory where the soldiers spend a few hours of leisure time between shifts, residents reaped more economic benefits from the Guard’s presence.

    Sgt. Martinez regularly patronized Irma’s Restaurant, which he declared the “best restaurant in town.”

    “I don’t eat these,” he said pointing at his MREs, or Meals Ready-to-Eat.

    Spc. Carletta Lee of Shiprock, N.M., also had plans to eat out last week. “I heard about a steakhouse with big juicy steaks I’m going to try.”

    Lee, a student, volunteered to stay with Operation Jump Start for a year, hoping to make money to pay for law school. Martinez volunteered to stay an extra week to train his replacement driver.

    Those who stay, and the new volunteers, will “live on the economy,” as they will be paid extra to rent apartments and hotel rooms, and to shop and eat locally, said Sgt. David Strobel, a National Guard spokesman.

    I believe the fault of no bill should be placed at the feet of the U.S. Senate. The House crafted their bill several months ago. Knowing what their approach was, the Senate should have crafted a bill that was at least similar to the House bill, rather than polar opposites.
    As I stated in my last post in your first in this series, The House Delagation from North Carolina, Sue Myric, Robyn Hayes, Walter Jones and others, have all been on the Charlotte talk radio station, WBT, several times. And they all have stated the overwhelming majority of their Constituants want the Border enforcement first, and no Amnesty to criminal aliens.
    If you look at WHO DID NOT vote for the senate bill, you will find, they are up for re-election this year. So, it would appear, those voting against the Senate Bill, and those in the House, are doing what their constituants demand.
    I do not believe voting for a Bad Bill, is better than no bill. We have the Guard there, we have the Minutemen building walls, and hopefully at some point, we will have a wall encompasing most, if not all of the border. I must work today,and wont be able to post, so I’m sure I’ll get some angry responses.

  10. For Enforcement says:

    Well, let me help make your day. You wrote an excellent piece. I notice your poll numbers are heavily in favor of border enforcement whereas AJ quotes polls as being heavily the other way. I have asked him to link us to a poll that shows that the next time he comes up on one. I believe a lot of people are mislead by everyone wanting something to be done and mistakenly believeing that the Senate bill might help. You are correct in your assessment that the pols are voting for their constituents desires, if they are running this year. I believe if all of the senators were running, that bill that got approved would never have seen the light of day.
    I am for closing the border 100%. All immigrants should follow the same rules. If they are eligible, fine. If they’re not, fine.
    I’m not in favor of a roundup, few are. Once the border is secure, the illegal immigrant problem will be about 90% cured. Immigration laws have to be enforced to get the rest.

  11. AJStrata says:


    Polls show Americans want efforts taken to protect us from attack. What do you think the poll would look like for the following:

    Are you more concerned about immigrants becoming US citizens in 10-15 years or about a possible terror attack today?

    Would you support a politician who stopped legislation that could increase our security against terrorists due to a fear immigrants could become US citizens in the year 2020?

    You know why you and FE are reacting so strongly to my points? You know they resonate – loudly. Fear of immigrants being nationalized only trumps national security in a few very minds. Trust me. America has not gone insance yet.

  12. For Enforcement says:

    You know why you and FE are reacting so strongly to my points? You know they resonate – loudly.

    Let me tell you why, you’re wrong.

    I have zero fear of any immigrant becoming a citizen, tell you what. Pass a law that absolutely positively 100% guarantees the border is secure and on the date the border IS secure. Pass a law that gives 100% of the people in the US citizenship (as the Senate bill does) and I will support it.

    The few minds that put border security in the important category would be about 80-90% I would guess

    I don’t know what valid point you have made.

  13. stevevvs says:

    Personally, I would like to see the following in this order:
    Build a Wall, with a road and an interior wall. Build it across the entire Southern Border.
    Have the wall built with a combination of Tax Payer Money, and donations from citizens.
    Have the wall built entirely with private sector labor, with the Army Corps of Engineers there for supervision.
    Make it manditory for ALL EMPLOYERS to run the Social Security Numbers of all CURRENT and FUTURE Employess. If the numbers do not match, the employee is terminated.
    No Government assistance to anyone who can not prove citizenship. No Food stamps, heat assistance, etc. Only medical care in extreme emergency cases.
    I.D. Requirements for all Voting. No I.D., no voting.
    No Drivers Licenses unless citizenship or legal alien status can be proven.
    Personally, I don’t think we can deport all these people who broke into the Country. But we can make it so they can not get work without
    proof they are infact, our guests.
    Enforcement Guy, You obviously have studied this issue as much as I have. Thank you for you diligence and common sense you have braught here. For 4 years I have studied this issue. For 2 years I have sent out to friends and family my daily Invasion News. I cronical this mess on a daily basis. I wish everyone would read the Leo W. Banks articles I posted earlier, they are eye opening. As a person who believes we should follow the rule of law, I just can not close my eyes to the fact that Millions have, and continue, to ILLEGALY cross our borders everyday. Amnesty sends the wrong message, even if A.J.’s claim of 10-15 years is true, it’s still rewarding Illegal Behavior. He can rail against other illegal behavior, but in this case, it’s oki I guess. That logic escapes me, and frankly, it escapes most members of Congress as well. This is the second blog I have ever posted at, Mac Ranger is the other. I was hoping thru logic, to persuade others of their ill-logic, but I was not persuasive. I really must work today, but I’ll see what others have to say tommorrow. When the House Rep’s are re-elected in large numbers because of their stance and town meetings, maybe others will see the light. Enjoy your day folks.

  14. patrick neid says:

    steve, i have just the fence for you


    just remember as we have been discussing the upholstery on the deck chairs for these last several weeks 190,000 more of our friends have come to say hello, permanently. all of the soulutions, both pro and con, will never be possible without a fence. the naive folks who think they are going to send “bad” people home as part of immigration reform are delusional. the folks just walk back in the next week. talk to the border patrol. despite the naysayers would have you believe, this is where the majority of folks stand on this issue:


    in the very near future, this from 2000–it is more shaded now in 2006 (picture)

    will lead to this because of their sheer numbers (picture)

    because we don’t have this (picture)

    first things first…

  15. stevevvs says:

    Loved it. Looks like what Israel and the Minutemen have in mind. Thanks!
    Ow one more thing.
    I was born and raised in the Oneida, N.Y. area. Nothing but Cows, Corn, Cold, and White Folks.
    I moved to Va. Beach in 1994, and wow! It was like another world! I lived for 7 weeks with my Aunt and Uncle. They met in Az. She is MEXICAN. Her family came here in the early 1960’s, but they came here LEGALLY. A wonderful woman who, after living with them for two weeks, convinced me to stay 5 more.
    I got an education and moved to the Charlotte, N.C. area. I currently have worked for the same employer for 8 years now.
    The makeup of our work force is about as follows:
    25% White
    20% Black
    25% Asian, all of Asia!
    and the rest are from about 35 other Countries, mostly India, Lebanon, Somalia, etc.
    ALL ARE HERE LEGALLY. We do not pander to them like the Illegal Hispanics, nor do they want that. None that I have talked to think that people here ILLEGALY, should EVER be granted AMNESTY! NONE! Why? Because they came here the proper way. They applied, waited their turn, and came. They are proud to be here. Contrast that with the Illegals protesting in our street, for their “Rights”. They have no rights! And the Immigrants I work with understand that. It’s very refreshing to know that people who came here legally, get it. And they are trying to get more family, and Fiances and Wives here legally. I just wish more people understood we are destroying our countries culture by all this illegal border jumping. Many do not assimilate, and frankly, why should they? Every where I go, everything is now in Spanish. What about the other immigrants? My ATM machine at work only offers two languages! Spanish, and English! The funny thing is, we have one hispanic in the building! So, I really got to get back to work. Thanks for your nice response.

  16. stevevvs says:

    That was great. Typed up a long response, but it’s gone. Maybe I’m blocked, who knows.

  17. stevevvs says:

    This sucks, I typed up a nice response to Patrick, and I have no idea where it went! I’m at work, not suppose to be on the net, and I type with one finger! Other than that, it’s all’s good!
    I just wanted to say I was born and Raised in Oneida, N.Y. Cows, Corn, and Cold, and 99% White.
    I moved south in 94, and stayed with my aunt and uncle for 7 weeks. My aunt is Mexican, and her family came here LEGALLY in the 60’s.
    I was ready to move out after 2 weeks, but she convinced me to stay 5 more!
    I then moved to the Charlotte are after getting an education, a bit late in life!
    This is where I found out there are a whole lot of people in this country from a whole lot of different places! My employer here is very diverse. The last I knew, we represented over 40 Countries. But there is one thing that is nice. They ALL came here LEGALLY. And every single Legal Immigrant I work with is Proud to be here! And every single one I have talked about immigration to, is absolutely opposed to AMNESTY. Why? Because they ALL came here the right way. And they are still trying to get other family here the right way, Legally. It’s very refreshing to know the Legal Immigrants, get it. They are very refreshing to be around.
    And we do not pander to them. No bi-lingual nonsense, and they assimilate! How Cool! Contrast that with Hispanics! Everything now is in spanish! Even our ATM at work! We employ 1 Hispanic! So I guess the other folks have to learn english to use the ATM!
    They march in our street demanding “rights”, although, most are not citizens! Frankly, they don’t need to assimilate. We pamper them.
    Patrick, thanks for the links. Must work now.