Jun 19 2006

Murtha Somalia And Beruit

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Does anyone find Murtha’s repeated references on MTP Sunday to US military blunders in Somalia and Beruit frighteningly coincidental to Bin Laden’s  referrals to those exact same incidents? These incidents were the reasons Bin Laden believed America would not defend itself if attacked, but would run and hide?  Clearly, Mad Murtha is the perfect role model for what Bin Laden hoped American leadership would be – cowardly and poll driven.  Murtha obsessed about spending money to defend ourselves, not stopping the gathering threat.  Murtha is clearly frightened of conflict.  He desperately wants to run to Japan and hide from Al Qaeda.  Thanks to him I am confident the Dem will not gain any significant seats in either house.  Surrender on the brink of final, lasting success is all you need to know about Mad Murtha – and his fat backside is all you will see if you are in a battle with him as he retreats at warp speed to the rear.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    Who has the goods on Murtha? Who is blackmailing him because that is the only reason I can come up with for his “performance”.

    Reminds me of the UN weapons inspector that got paid by Saddam…

  2. clarice says:

    TNR has a piece on Murtha which is not flattering.From a poster at JOM

    “The FBI “sheik” offered the standard Abscam $$ for residency papers (private bill), and filmed Murtha doing a Clinton-like almost a crime non-acceptance.

    From the New Republic no less. URL or buy the current issue:

    Jack in the Box
    by Michael Crowley
    Jack Murtha: darling of the NRA, K Street, Big Oil–and liberals everywhere.”

  3. crosspatch says:

    There’s more than that. There is the whole recent LA Times deal where they started digging into his budget earmarks. He is doing this for protection. As long as he plays this line, they aren’t going to dig into his ethics questions.

    I am just amazed that the people in his district put up with it. How he avoids a public appearance without tomatoes flying at him, I will never know.

  4. carol johnson says:

    Murtha has been in Congress for how long? He isn’t wet behind the ears by any means or gullible! His prior honorable service in Vietnam or wherever he fought, and his “hawkish support of the military” is NOT…I REPEAT NOT an excuse for his new found moral superiority. Besides, it isn’t new found if you believe his adversion to Clinton’s disasterous weak-kneed incursion into Somalia, and Reagan’s withdrawal from Beriut (both of which he now holds up as examples of quote – changing direction – unquote). He has habitually been a retreat at any cost liberal. Period!! Some people have alot of trouble critcizing a vet.

    Bulls**t!! Either Murtha takes full responsibility for what comes out of his mouth or he doesn’t. What he does and says is calculated (he is not a naive bystander). Remember, Cindy Sheehan was “just a grief-stricken” mother before she was “used” by the left to make their case. These people have raised victimhood to the status of a high art!!! You can’t critcize them for anything without raising the wrath of somebody. So be it!

    Just MHO.


  5. smh10 says:

    I live in the state which elected Murtha..fortunately not his district but there will be a race for his seat which could get very interesting .

    If you are interested in helping see John Murtha defeated visit the following link and help Ms. Irey in her race.


    There are veterans organizations from 46 states assisting in her campaign and perhaps with a little help from everyone we can unseat this unworthy Congressman.

  6. Carol_Herman says:

    Last night, DRUDGE played Murtha for his audience. He said the guy spoke for 3 minutes straight. There were no periods or sentences. Just hot air. And, Irey is gaining ground.

    So? It means the more Murtha speaks the easier it is for his opponent, Irey, to get heard.

    By November we will know how this all translates with the voters.

    Or, as Hugh Hewitt said in 2004 IF THE VOTERS VOTE HIGH ENOUGH, the donks can’t steal it. So far, all they do is change the goal posts. Can they knock out the Electoral College before 2008? Will Bill Clinton’s pants stop falling down? Who cares?

  7. Terrye says:

    I am beginning to think there is something wrong with this man. No one can be this dense.

    He has been a politician for a lot longer than he was a Marine, that much is evident.

  8. az redneck says:

    I know that previously Murtha took ‘credit’ for advising Clinton to withdraw from Mogadishu and I thought I heard him make the same claim yesterday about Reagan/Beriut.
    More and more, his democratically-vaunted status as a military supporter appears to be primarily for defense contracts for friends and relatives!

  9. For Enforcement says:

    Can they knock out the Electoral College before 2008?
    I’m pretty sure tht will take a Constitutional amendment and, if so, I would say the chance of getting it thru, ever, would be somewhere between zero and nothing.
    Each state can say how their electoral votes are cast, ie all for one or split them, but the number they have is a Federal issue.
    The reason electoral college wont be repealed. it takes 75% of the states to ratify a repeal, it may be only 67% but in either case it’s not gonna happen because every small state that voted to repeal, would be giving up all influence in a Federal election. All campaigning would take place in Fl, NY, Cal and Tex, maybe some in Ill or Ohio, but that would be it. A presidential candidate could get enough votes in those states to win the election, so why would they campaign in La, or mississippi or iowa. get the picture. All the tax money collected in the small states would go to the big states for vote buying. It just ain’t gonna happen. That’s why we are a Republic and not a democracy.

  10. For Enforcement says:

    They would probable make one or two stops in Pennsylvania also.

  11. For Enforcement says:

    Rechecked US pop, and if you put together a coalition of 9 states, in order of most populous on down, Ca, Tx, Ny,FL, Il, Pa,Oh,Mi,Ga they could control all Federal elections. Then you would have the United States of the Coalition and Remnant States of the Have Nots.

    Think those other 41 states are gonna approve that?

  12. crosspatch says:

    And, Irey is gaining ground.

    Anyone seen any actual poll numbers out of PA12? I haven’t seen any yet.

  13. crosspatch says:


    I thought this was a very interesting read. Maybe others here will also find it so.

    What Bullets Cannot Win Ballots Can
    Amir Taheri

  14. smh10 says:


    That was a great link. Really enjoyed the article. It was written intelligently and compactly yet provided a wealth of information.

    As for your question to Carol above, I don’t know if she has seen any polls from the 12th district here in PA, I have not as of yet but the buzz here is that Diana Irey is quickly creating a great impression with the voters. If polls break here in the state and I see them, I will post for you if I see you on any familiar sites.

  15. Retired Spook says:

    Very interesting article, Crosspatch. I found this statement to be of special significance:

    At the same time the Soviet public, which had once sustained tens of millions of casualties in the war against the Nazis without qualm was soon in virtual revolt over the few thousand deaths the Red Army had suffered in Afghanistan.