Jun 19 2006

Murtha In Okinawa

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I have a hard time getting all into Murtha’s latest stupid comments about hiding our troops in Japan so the terrorist will not hurt them in Iraq. The guy is a dunce-head. Which is why I never worry when the US liberal media finds another liberal dunce-head to expouse incoherent nonsense. Want to win elections against Liberals?

Just let them talk.
Murtha’s Madness is not even funny anymore. It is just sadly pathetic.

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3 Responses to “Murtha In Okinawa”

  1. crosspatch says:

    Uhm, has anyone asked the people of Okinawa what THEY think of it? Last I looked, we were negotiating our way OUT of Okinawa.

  2. BurbankErnie says:

    looks like Murtha is headed towards the irrelant ranks of Mother Sheehan. The MSM tried their harderst to make Murtha a hero, with the usual Dem enablers, but alas, another TRUTH TO POWER speaker will be shuffled off.
    Good F’n riddance. Murtha’s appearance on MTP has to rate up there with Ross Perot’s VP deabate appearance. Just sad how a decorated Marine can be used for political gain. Sadly, Murtha has been against the Military since his departure from Viet Nam.
    My Pop is rolling in his grave (Marine – Korea 1953-1955).

  3. Squiggler says:

    AJ, we cannot ignore his remarks because he has a viable opponent for November in Diana Irey and not only are Murtha’s crazy remarks of the last year virtually ignored by his hometown papers, but the RNC is ignoring Irey. I have tried to do a roundup of Sunday’s reaction and to draw attention to Irey, see: Slapping down Murtha’s newest senile rantings … UPDATED and a followup on the RNC reaction RNC Response To Rep. John Murtha’s Appearance On NBC’s Meet The Press. I’m encouraging all interested readers to send a few dollars to the Irey campaign and give her as much publicity as possible. The good people of the PA 12th (the hometown where I was born and raised, Johnstown, is in the 12th) deserve better than this senile old man.